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Do not judge so that you are not judged…

Matthew 7:1-2

It is instructive to observe that a person who knows himself thoroughly will not be seen judging other people harshly. Once we know ourselves in the true sense of the word we will find that the same faults that we see in others are similar to the faults we carry about within ourselves.

If we are then honest with ourselves we fall silent in understanding our fellow men and we accept every human being at face value and for who they are. We then do not seek to find fault in them but live in harmony where everyone gets along through understanding the fact that no one is perfect.

We are all here to improve ourselves and no one has achieved that perfection of being yet. Naturally once we reach this point in our spiritual development, we will find that we are simply unable to find fault with other people. Peace will then reign because fault-finding is one of the main causes of quarrels and disagreements among human beings and has often led to conflict, rancour and even war between nations.

Peace and happiness will then reign as we all help each other to rise both spiritually and also in the earthly sense. It will be a different and more beautiful world once we learn to do this. Also to be realised from this verse is that the more harshly we judge and criticise our fellow men the more the Laws of God will harshly judge and hold us accountable.

The exact measure of the intolerance and harshness we show in our unrelenting attitude towards our fellow human beings, the same exact measure will be used by the Laws of God in being unrelenting towards us. This Law is just and perfect. If we show understanding for our fellow men, that love we show will also allow the Laws of God to accommodate our faults and give us many opportunities for improvement as long as we strive in this direction of continuously trying to improve ourselves and adjust ourselves to the Laws of God.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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