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Enter by the narrow gate…

Matthew 7:13-14

In these verses the Lord was warning us against spiritual lassitude and indolence. Love of ease is mankind’s greatest fault when it comes to spiritual matters. It is like we have contracted out this work to others who now have us in their power.

The way to spiritual freedom requires hard work on ourselves in terms of keeping our thoughts, words and actions pure so that we do not do any harm to our neighbours with these activities.

This is the hard work or the narrow gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. The wide and easy road refers to our becoming lazy and not wanting to work on ourselves and allowing for anything goes in our thoughts, words and actions.

It is this love of ease that is the easy road that leads to spiritual destruction because our impure thoughts, words and actions keep us away from God and His kingdom making us always subjected to evil.

This love of ease is what the majority of mankind has practiced unfortunately for thousands of years. We have never really worked on ourselves in practising love for our neighbours and keeping our thoughts, words and actions pure.

This lack of practice or our refusal to take this narrow road has led to unprecedented evil in our societies, strengthening evil and weakening the good. The results we see before us today in the discord, hatred, wars, and so on and so forth in every society on earth.

We have never sought for the Peace of God because this required hard work on ourselves and consequently we have the opposite, which is hell on earth.

It is hoped that very quickly we start to embrace this narrow road as there is no other way that leads to the proximity of the Almighty, guaranteeing peace, joy, happiness and heavenly bliss.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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