Bible Study

According to the Grail Message

…Like a wise man who built his house upon a rock…

Matthew 7:24-27

When our Lord Jesus made this statement He was advising us to listen to His Word and act accordingly. To listen and act accordingly and not just be listeners. We must be doers of the the Word of Christ.

It is not enough to hear of the Word of Jesus but we must follow that up with the deed of acting according to the instructions in this Word. That is the only way we can benefit from the Word of Jesus. It is the only way that we can gain salvation.

That is why it is important to gain spiritual knowledge in the Word of Jesus. We must know so much about the Word that we have complete knowledge of It as it is possible for a human being to have.

It is only when we know this Word in all Its ramifications that we can follow It. Knowing the Word of Christ thoroughly means we must take our time in studying this Word and gain knowledge of It. We must make the effort to know as much about this Word as possible because It is the most important possession that we have.

We must do it ourselves and journey on this road ourselves so that we know it thoroughly. Interpretations will not do but we must directly experience this Word ourselves. It is only in this way that the Word speaks to each individual so that each person now knows what to do and how to improve himself or herself and navigate his or her life.

It is this solid foundation of knowledge, conviction and action on the Word that forms the bedrock and rock that Jesus mentioned here. Once we study the Word of Jesus and know It thoroughly and act accordingly then we will be able to withstand temptations, trials and tribulations because we have a solid foundation through the knowledge.

It is this knowledge of the Word that gives us that firm footing to be able to withstand anything in our experiences of life. We stand firm because we have the knowledge to know everything and cannot be diverted and misled by anything or anyone. That knowledge will stand us in good stead in our hour of need.

Let us therefore make haste is seeking out the Knowledge of God in His Word.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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