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For truly I say unto you… Not an iota, not a dot will pass from the law…

Matthew 5:18

Again this is one of the most glossed over verses in the Bible. Here Jesus Christ was clearly saying that every single action of a human being, whether in the way of his thoughts, words or actions cannot be forgiven or forgotten or looked over without similar consequences.

In short, every single word that we speak and every single thought and every single action will be accounted for by the Laws of God. Nothing can pass from the law without reckoning. We bear responsibility for every single one of our actions in terms of our thoughts, words or visible actions.

We have to account for them and cannot be free from them but by through the operations of the Laws of God. The Laws of God will determine the extent to which we are accountable for our actions and will also determine when we are free from these consequences. The Laws of God guide and determine reward and punishment for every human being. Nothing else is active and of any consequence in this regard.

Consequently the power of religious leaders who are paid or asked to forgive sins is of no consequence or validity. Only the Laws of God are valid therein. 

Again just because of the strict demand that lies in this verse mankind have quietly let it pass without much reference to it for centuries. It has never really been emphasised in any of the religious teachings because this strict demand is contrary to the comfort that mankind desires.

These are Jesus’ clear Words and cannot be ignored without severe consequences. There is no way around this verse and ignoring it does not free man from the consequences and the necessity of personal atonement for all we have put into creation in our thoughts, words or deeds.

We are only deceiving ourselves and wasting valuable time which we could have used to improve ourselves spiritually, making spiritual efforts to keep our thoughts, words and actions pure.

 Let us begin timely with this resolution and not allow ourselves to be misled that there is another way to salvation. There simply is no other way but the strict adherence to the Word of Jesus in the deed.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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