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The strictness of Jesus the Son of God

Matthew 10:11-15 and Matthew 10:32-39

It is the case that for centuries our Lord Jesus has been described as weak and yielding and so on and so forth. People have thought that since Jesus was the Son of God He was all loving but not demanding and that He was not strict in what He demanded of us human beings.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All we need do is read these verses above for ourselves and we will find that among other things Jesus Christ was proud and regal and knew the value of His Word.

He would not allow His Word to be offered to those not deserving to hear of It and He commanded His disciples to be proud and not offer pearls before swine and also to only stay with those who were worthy of their presence.

In short, He demanded that the disciples should also set a higher value on their works and their spiritual activities. Jesus never offered rewards for people to listen to His Word but demanded that His Word be listened to by those who were worthy to listen to It.

So this way we can bear witness to the fact that the Love of Jesus was also coupled with Justice which demanded that only the worthy be allowed to sit at His table as the Word of God is the most precious of gifts and must be treated with the greatest respect.

His miracles were also not done in a haphazard manner but He almost always asked if the beneficiaries of these miracles believed in His Power or in Him beforehand. This also attests to the worthiness that is always to be found in anything to do with Jesus.

Consequently, we should also set a higher value on what we have been given as believers and realise that even though Jesus was Love Incarnate, He was never weak and yielding but was very strict in the way He demanded spiritual movement from mankind.


In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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