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Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments…

Matthew 5:19

Following on from the previous verse, it is obvious that Jesus was laying special emphasis on the importance of the Laws of God. In the previous verse Jesus stated that nothing will pass from the Laws of God; meaning that nothing of our actions in terms of our thoughts, words or deeds will be forgotten by the Laws of God without us accounting for them.

This follow on verse emphasises the same and goes even further by warning mankind about the dangers of preaching an easy road to salvation for mankind. It was like Jesus Christ already foresaw the possibility that mankind would perverse the Laws of God by teaching an easy atonement for sins and an easy road to Paradise, the Kingdom of God. 

 This verse warns mankind not to relax or slacken the vitality of these Commandments of God. It warns us not to try to teach mankind an easier way, thereby building a broad road for mankind which is dangerous for them. The easy road of lazy comfort which lulls our spirits to sleep and therefore puts us in the clutches of the darkness.

It warns us against teaching our fellow men the easy road which lulls them to sleep and prevents them from working on themselves to become better human beings by perfecting themselves through purifying their thoughts, words and deeds.

 It is a great warning indeed which protects us from falling into the hands of the darkness because we lose the awareness of the importance of spiritual effort.

What happened with the organised religion after the passing of Jesus Christ points to the importance of this warning. A religion was formed which promised an easy road to redemption by doing nothing other than just believing that the death of Jesus would wipe away our sins without further ado. 

A religion which generously forgave sins without requiring men to atone for anything. A religion which ignored the clear directives of Jesus Himself in Matthew 5:18 and then this verse. There are no ambiguities about these verses whatsoever.

This verse clearly states that we must not alter the Laws of God as given by Jesus. We must not preach anything different from the strictness of the Laws as He has explained it to us. This is a warning to leave His Word as It is and as He has given It without watering It down because doing this would lead to gross abuses which was what exactly happened when this advice was ignored.

 Ignoring this advice and Commandment from Jesus has unfortunately led to fatal consequences for human spirits. The spiritual effort which was taken away from man is really a wicked scheme done for the sake of winning congregants with earthly power and riches as the goal but not the welfare of mankind. 

 Let us open our eyes and minds in time before it is too late. Already the Call from the Light is extremely urgent.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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