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Ye are the salt of the earth…

Matthew 5:13

Those who believe the Word of Jesus and act accordingly can be classified to be the “salt of the earth.” To be “the salt of the earth” means that our spiritual activities make the world “go round” literally. Our activities bring joy to all crreatures because they can perceive the radiations of the spiritual works that emanate from us.

This brings joy to other people and we are a joy to others as we make a positive difference in their lives. Just like salt in our food makes the food enjoyable, the presence of people like these who improve the lives of fellow human beings on earth through the nature of their positive spiritual activities also makes life enjoyable for others.

Without the presence of such people life on earth would be less enjoyable and would be a chore. The question though is how can we human beings become the “salt of the earth?” And then can everyone become a “salt of the earth?”

We can become the “salt of the earth” by first learning what the Laws of God are and then adjusting ourselves to these Laws in everything that we do – in thoughts, words and deeds. We must acquire real spiritual knowledge and not just what we think we had learned in the past. We must have real spiritual knowledge to have all our questions answered without any gaps being left in our knowledge. It is this kind of knowledge that can make us convinced of all the processes in our lives. There will be no more room for unanswered questions and certainly no room for blind faith.

Once we have acquired the knowledge of the Laws of God and we act according to these Laws in everything, then indeed we become such human beings as are pleasing to the Almighty the Father. That way our activities are excactly in accordance to what He wants. With these our activities we will indeed bring joy into the lives of our fellow human beings. Through these our activities we will become salts of the earth.

Every single human being was created to be like this; to obey the Laws of God and act accordingly in everything. As a result he not only brings joy to his fellow men but primarily to himself as he will only attract good counter-reactions to himself, bringing happiness to himself as a reward at all times.

This is a wonderful goal and it is hoped that as human beings we would have the objective capacity to first seek real spiritual knowledge so that we can be guided as to how to live our lives in a way pleasing to the Almighty the Father.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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