Aspects of Christian Doctrine


Aspects of Christian Doctrine: Christians will be raised from the dead when Jesus returns

Again a most important Christian tenet which has no basis for it in the Bible. There is not a single word of Jesus that can be used to back up this concept. Again, as mentioned elsewhere sweeteners were offered to potential believers so that the numbers of converters to Christianity might increase and most of us did not give any of these tenets further thought since this is actually a great promise if in spite of having died physically there would be the assurance that we would be raised from the dead physically again.

The belief is that Christians will be given back their physical bodies at the return of Jesus and that those awakened in this way will then have eternal life and so on and so forth. In the first place as mentioned before Jesus did not mention anything remotely resembling this concept and as such must be regarded as something added to Christianity from the outside by those who became custodians of the religion long after Jesus had passed on.

Logically speaking we all know it is impossible to recover a physical body once it has decayed so how this was to be achieved has not been explained. We may want to say that with God all things are possible but this statement does not at all belong where mankind has put it which is in the realm of arbitrary actions and magic. This concept is completely contrary to all the Laws of Nature and God is the Personification of all that is natural. The living Laws of Nature emanate from Him and as such cannot accomodate such things as we take for granted in the return and regeneration of physical bodies once these have decayed.

Again this is a man-made idea completely without any Biblical or natural basis and should be seen for what it is. Is it any wonder then that some people mock religion? It is just a shame that those who mock confuse religion with God and as such throw the child out with the bathwater. God has nothing to do with religion and all their tenets. The Word of God stands but all we have today unfortunately are the works of men who in our ambition for an earthly religious kingdom have so distorted the teachings of God with our man-made tenets as to make it appear as if they issue from Him.

This tenet like many others being unnatural cannot be said to have emerged from God who is Perfectly Natural. So there can be no question of a giving back of physical bodies. This is impossible according to the natural laws of God. We should be content to learn to know the Word of Jesus and strive to adjust ourselves to this Word. The salvation that will result from that is what will guarantee eternal life in Paradise.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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