Aspects of Christian Doctrine


Aspects of Christian Doctrine: Jesus’ sacrifice was a substitution, for us

One of the major tenets of the Christian faith is that the sacrifice which Jesus made by dying on the Cross is regarded as something which substituted Him and His suffering and death for our suffering. His death is interpreted as that He substituted Himself by dying so that we might not have any more guilt and as such be able to ascend to Heaven unblemished.

Jesus indeed sacrificed Himself but the reason He did that is completely at variance with what is generally regarded and accepted by the Christian faith. The fact that He sacrificed Himself is not in dispute but the general interpretation of this sacrifice is what leaves many people in doubt, with full justification.

It is simply against all sense of justice that Jesus being the Son of God and having no sin would sacrifice Himself to carry other people’s guilt on His shoulders. That is completely against the human sense of justice and as such must also be against the Divine sense of Justice since the human sense of justice must be assumed to have derived from the Divine sense of Justice which is even more perfect than the human sense of justice. If therefore the reason being advanced today for the sacrifice which Jesus made is against any sense of Justice why then has this view never been openly challenged by anyone?

In our human laws it is certainly impossible for us to allow someone to suffer and die for the sake of another’s guilt. Why then do we ascribe this impossibility to God? God Who is the Epitome of Goodness, Perfection and Justice? To try and explain it away by saying that the ways of God are often inscrutable certainly still does not dispose of the urge to find out what the truth is.

The reality is that the ways of God are not inscrutable because He can be fully understood. Nothing is more clear than the ways of God and His Laws. The manifest impossibilities we find in our attempts to explain His ways are nothing but the works of men and the products of our own thinking. We have ascribed things to God that have nothing to do with Him and we have never really sought to understand Him and His ways.

All the existing explanations about God are nothing but attempts by men who have painted God in whatever way they wanted and also tried to convince others of this picture. God is nothing like what has been painted of Him by this humanity. God is natural, just and perfect. Therefore any explanations or pictures of Him that deviate from this is wrong and are nothing but the works of men.

Bearing this in mind therefore it is not difficult to understand that the existing interpretations of the Word of Jesus, His earth life and His death were nothing but the works of men who have ascribed things to Him which were and still are completely untrue, illogical and unnatural.

Yes, Jesus died for our sake but not in the way being bandied about by contemporary Christians. He died so that His Message would be preserved, that we might continue to have access to this Message. Jesus came to this earth to bring the Message of the Father to mankind so that by adjusting to It we might have eternal life. By listening to the Message and adjusting our lives to It we change ourselves for the better, we become pleasing to God and as such rise spiritually towards His Kingdom.

Jesus sacrificed Himself so that this so important Message could be preserved for posterity so that generations after Him could continue to have access to It and continue to use It to change themselves for the better, becoming spiritual and so on. If He had not sacrificed Himself His Message would soon have run to sand and nothing would have been left of It. If He had fled then the darkness would have engulfed everything and we would not have had the road to Salvation open to us.

He sacrificed Himself because He was left with no other choice through the hatred and persecution of His adversaries. It was either He denied Himself, His Origin and His Word or die on the Cross. To deny His Word and His Origin would have been completely out of the question for Him. He therefore stood His grounds on the assertion that He was the Son of God and for that He was sentenced to death.

So instead of recognising this fact and thanking the Father for sending His Son we have made strenuous efforts to make the Mission of Jesus less than what it actually was. There is no greatness in a vicarious sacrifice which washes away sins just like that. It belittles the Creator and His sense of Justice and turns our God into an arbitrarily acting God which He never was and never will be.

Let us thank the Creator anew Who has allowed us the opportunity to hear His Word and let us make a vow to always adhere to this Word which was brought at such a great cost.



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