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The Holy Spear Part One

The Spear in the Grail legends has been regarded as the spear, which the Roman soldier used to pierce the side of Jesus on the cross. This spear, having been associated with Jesus was considered sacred by most religious people especially as this spear had touched the Blood of Christ. The Spear also could be regarded as a symbol of power as it was used by Parsifal to destroy the kingdom of Klingsor and turned the whole ream into a desert. Amfortas took the spear with him when he went to challenge Klingsor with the assurance that as long as he had the spear with him, his victory against Klingsor was guaranteed. The Spear therefore, meant a lot to the inhabitants of the Grail realm. It was also an object that inspired reverence in the brotherhood.

If we take Wagner’s opera as an allegory, then the brotherhood represented the forces of good while Kundry and Klingsor would represent the forces of evil. Klingsor could even be regarded as representing Lucifer in a way; he had appropriated the Spear and was obviously misusing it. With him the spear came to rest in the wrong hands. He had even used this spear to wound Amfortas.

Not many people understand the concept of the evil, which Lucifer brought. What we understand about him is that he is the fallen archangel. An archangel who was once with God but fell through his own guilt. What we have been able to garner from reading the Revelations is that Lucifer was sent to help humanity but instead of helping became our accuser. In Revelations 12:10 we read “And I heard a loud voice in heaven saying, “Now the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, has been thrown down, who accuses them day and night before our God.” Lucifer therefore, instead of fulfilling that for which he was sent down here to do could not wait for the gradual maturing of humanity and introduced his own system which to him was to speed up our maturing.

He always accused human beings whom he had been given charge. He always complained about his duties, about having to be burdened with the trouble of looking after such sloppy ones as us, hence this statement. Lucifer could not wait for the gradual maturing of his wards because he was impatient and lacked love.

We quote Abd-ru-shin “The dissension started after the creation of all matter had begun. Sent out to support Spiritual Substantiality and further its development in the World of Matter, he failed to carry out his mission in accordance with the Creative Will of God the Father but, through a volition, which came to him while working in matter, he chose ways other than those ordained by this Creative Will. Misusing the power delegated to him, he introduced among other things the principle of temptation in place of the principle of supporting help, which is identical with serving love; serving love in the Divine sense, which has nothing to do with slavish servility, but only has the spiritual ascent and thereby the eternal happiness of his fellow men at heart and acts accordingly! The principle of temptation, however, is identical with the setting of snares which cause creatures who are not sufficiently strong within themselves quickly to stumble, fall and become lost, whereas others, it is true, grow stronger and more alert so as to blossom forth powerfully towards spiritual heights. But all that is weak is irrevocably abandoned to destruction from the start. This principle knows of no goodness, no compassion; it is wanting in the love of God the Father, and therewith also in the mightiest power to ascend and in the strongest support available.”

Lucifer therefore, instead of performing his duties faithfully and patiently awaiting the slow maturing of human beings, decided that he could not wait, as we were too slow, lamenting always and finally found a ‘faster’ way for our maturing. The fact that his methods would lead to the destruction of many did not concern him as long as it made his work easier. He thereby introduced as mentioned above the principle of temptation with which most of us are familiar. Having being sent down by God, he was given a power so that he would be able to perform his duties. This power is the Divine Power of supporting love. This power, he completely misused and perverted and ultimately used it to inflict a deep wound on the realm of the spirit.

Most human spirits that have left Paradise in order to come here to mature could not find their way back and as a result their cycles of existence could not be completed thereby creating a huge gap in this cycle. This gap was created as a result of the application of his principles. Lucifer therefore, through the application of his principle inflicted a wound on the spiritual realm, which weakened this realm because most out-flowing human spirits remained trapped in the material world without the possibility of being able to make it back to Paradise.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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