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Conditional Salvation

Conditional salvation means that for the first time in our history, God now demands that we show that we are worthy of being saved. As things now stand, we must show that we are serious about a permanent change in our attitude towards the Light before spiritual help is once more offered.

In the past, we had always reverted to old faults and gone back to our customary way of life, continuing to spread poison through our thoughts, words and deeds. Now that is all over. Our spiritual suffering will continue until we acknowledge God as the Lord of all and at the same time make a solemn promise never to revert to our old faults.

It is this promise of a permanent change which must be kept that will lead to a release in the pressure and suffering that will very soon engulf the whole of mankind. The consequences of our activities over thousands of years will suddenly be thrust before us to experience. These consequences will indeed threaten to destroy us and unless we actually make a deep spiritual decision for the Light, we will indeed be destroyed.

Therefore, salvation for the whole of mankind rests only with the solemn promise to change for the better and to acquire the necessary knowledge which brings conviction.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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