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Could the Bible ever be wrong?

Nothing negative will be said about the Bible here. It is the source of great truth but the question that should be asked is whether the interpretation of the Bible could be wrong. I think we all know the answer to that question. The way the Bible has been interpreted is just what has led to so many dissensions and the proliferation of sects, each claiming its own interpretation to be the right one. 

Much of the Bible is a historical chronicle but it also contains some of the most profound teachings in the works of the various prophets and finally the teaching of Jesus the Son of God Himself. Much of the New Testament was written mostly through second hand accounts but it still contains enough that should lead mankind through deep reflections and change in our attitudes towards God and His Laws.

The fault lies with our inability to think for ourselves and examine all spiritual matters for ourselves. We have always depended on others to interpret things for us and as such came to accept what others have thought out even though the interpretation may be wrong. These religious leaders could then interpret the word of the Bible anyway they wanted knowing fully well that they would never be challenged by anyone.

We allowed spiritual paths to be described for us which could be wrong for us and even deleterious to our spiritual existence and ultimately lead to spiritual damnation. We have allowed ourselves to be driven along the wrong roads which will never lead to the destination. Through our unwillingness to tackle this matter ourselves we placed our existence in the hands of strangers who do not necessarily have our well-being at heart. The goals of earthly religious dignitaries do not always coincide with what is useful for our spiritual upward striving.

It is up to us to pick up the Bible and take the trouble to read it ourselves and if there are still points that we do not understand we may then approach our religious leaders. If these, however, are still not able to answer our questions then it is still our spiritual duty to keep asking and seeking and never letting the matter or the question go unanswered. Whatever questions arise within us must be dealt with and not pushed into the background, or even worse to adhere to blind faith which does not solve anything.

This is our responsibility as human beings, otherwise we appear to the Creator as lazy, unworthy creatures who do not deserve to keep receiving blessings from Him. The Lord wants alert, active human beings who are inquisitive enough to ask for clarifications about matters which are not clear to them. Blind faith is not in the Will of God and it is completely unacceptable. The Lord wants His creatures to be seeing and know all things as far as they are able to and not to live in ignorance.

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