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Earthly religious opposition to the Son of God!: How was that possible?

It is difficult to say how many of us have often pondered about this very question. How was it possible that those who professed to be the representatives of God on earth, the priestly dignitaries at the time of Jesus were the very ones who opposed and waged a bitter slandering campaign against Him, eventually also murdering Him. It is strange, to say the least. If they truly were representatives of God on earth, they should have been the ones to welcome and embrace Jesus wholeheartedly, thereby offering Him the earthly protection that He needed.

What prevented them from doing this, however? How was this possible? They were supposed to be representatives of God on earth and as such were supposed to be listening to His Will. They were supposed to be the custodians of the prophecies about Jesus. They were supposed to be the ones on the look out for the fulfilment of all the prophecies concerning this Holy One.

What then happened? Why were they not on the alert? Why were they found spiritually wanting at the last moment? This happening is so tragic that it would be impossible for many of us to grasp the awful consequences of this failure. The seeds of this great failure, however, were planted centuries before the Coming of Jesus, the Son of God.

What does this happening tell us? It tells us that these earthly religious representatives had built up something entirely different from the Will of God. They had built up a structure which did not accord any longer to what God wanted for His worship and veneration, otherwise it would have been unthinkable for these representatives to fail so greatly if they truly represented God on earth.

Apparently for a long time already the organised religion of Israel did not any longer bear that Light which came from God. Apparently these representatives had built up a religion which was far from what the Lord dictated, otherwise such an absurdity whereby that Son that was sent from the very God to Whom they professed to represent was bitterly opposed by them and murdered by them would not have been possible. 

What inference must be drawn from this? It simply shows that these people never were representatives of God on earth, though they themselves thought that they were and made the people believe that they were. In their own imagination they thought they were God’s representatives but reality shows an entirely different picture, branding them as nothing but bitter enemies of God and His true Will. As we can all read in the Bible no other conclusion can be drawn from the activities of these people. But then the question is: who then were they serving if they were not serving God? Who then is their master if through their activities no other inference could be drawn other than that they were enemies of God?

There is only one true enemy of God and His Will. That is Lucifer. The conclusion must then be drawn that these people were in reality Lucifer’s servants, whether unwittingly or not. Because of their activities, no other conclusion can be drawn, though these people themselves would bitterly deny this. The fact that they fought Jesus so bitterly, eventually murdering Him must brand them as servants of Lucifer and were used as pawns in the latter’s fight against our salvation and liberation in God’s Word as brought and represented in Jesus.

One thing that must be realised is that Jesus and everything connected with Him and God are entirely spiritual. It is therefore those who are still spiritually alive that will be able to understand Him. Therefore, those who are, so to speak, spiritually dead will never be able to understand God, or for that matter any messages issuing from Him.

Apparently, the earthly representatives of God failed to recognise Jesus because they were spiritually walled in and dead. How does one become spiritually dead, however? As has been mentioned in many of the other articles, it is suppression of the spirit due to our using the intellect in making all our decisions that leads to this unnatural state.

It is therefore ironic that the very people who were supposed to be the custodians and guardians of the spirit were the very ones who fell victim to the false light of the intellect, enslaving themselves to it and walling off this very spirit they were supposed to use in communicating with God. How terrible?

They thought they could communicate with God with their intellects. How wrong they were can be seen in the atrocious events during the time of Jesus and the way they presented themselves. What should have been a living faith held by conviction became a taught faith with thousands of do’s and don’ts which was not sufficient for human spirits. 

When then Jesus came Whose Teaching lit up the flimsy foundations of their teachings which had not come from the Will of God but from the human intellect, the natural reaction was envy and hostility and wanting to be rid of this troublemaker Who had come to upset the status quo.

Since they were men of the intellect, they were naturally opposed to anything spiritual, since this was the nature of the intellect (anti-spiritual). Anyone then who acknowledge the intellect as of paramount importance and has accepted it as his lord and master is also automatically anti-spiritual and is bound through this his nature to oppose the spirit. It is simply natural and there is no other result to be expected.

So for centuries these religious representatives had become intellectuals since they had decided for the intellect instead of the spirit. As such all the teachings that emanated from them were intellectual teachings and not spiritual teachings. Since the overdevelopment of the intellect is Lucifer’s tool, they thereby became his servants (anti-spiritual). It was then not surprising that they bitterly opposed the clear spiritual teachings as it came through Jesus, the Son of God.

So, they unwittingly took the anti-spiritual path, even for centuries before the coming of Jesus and it was therefore inevitable that these would bitterly oppose the Will of God as brought by Jesus. They were never servants of God because they had walled off the instrument they were to use in understanding and communicating with Him. This is why it was possible for them to oppose Jesus and also for all the unbelievable atrocious happenings during His time on earth. Being now declared servants of Lucifer, he could now call upon them in the battle against Jesus preventing Him from properly completing His Mission of liberation and redemption.

Lucifer would have liked nothing better than the status quo, whereby human spirits would turn away from the Will of God, making him stronger and allowing him forever to evade destruction. In the process Lucifer was fighting for self-preservation, using human spirits as pawns in his warfare against the Will of God.

Therefore those events were possible because the so-called earthly representatives of God were not truly God’s representatives but Lucifer’s servants. They pretended to be God’s representatives and made people believe they were but the reality showed them to be false.


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