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An eye for an eye: A Law of Creation

This expression has often been used by mankind to justify some form of revenge against their fellow men. This, however, is not what is meant by this expression of the Old Testament of the Bible. This expression refers to a Law of Nature or a Law of Creation called the Law of Reciprocal Action.

It is one of the cornerstones of the Divine Will and it has been present since the very beginning of Creation as an essential part of the creative process. It is the Law of Action and Reaction, the Law of Returns and so on. This Law guarantees the return as fruit or harvest of the exact same seed that was sown.

If we sow rice we will surely not reap corn and this is so self-evident that nobody considers it as a fundamental Law that can never be circumvented and that will never change. Now as this Law applies to the things in Nature guaranteeing the return as fruit of the same seed that was sown, so is it active in every single thing that pertains to our lives and also in our thoughts, words and deeds.

If we think in a certain way surely in the Law of Returns we cannot expect anything else as fruit but that which we put into Creation as our thoughts, words and deeds. This, therefore is the key to the dreaded karma. The Lord Who activates the Laws of Nature will exact His revenge by returning to us the fruits of our thoughts, words and deeds.

It is therefore the Lord Who takes an eye for an eye through the operation of one of His Laws. It has nothing to do with human to human relationships as it is clearly stated that, “…Vengeance is Mine says the Lord…” which means that vengeance is the Lord’s which will duly take place through the operation of this Law of Returns. It will take place in such a way that is far more comprehensive and thorough than a human being can ever achieve.

Through our activities in the way we live our lives on earth we put things into Creation. These are the seeds that we sow which are carefully tended and cared for until it is time for us to harvest these seeds as the fruits of our activities. All our thoughts and words are not just nothing! We direct thoughts and words and actions towards other peoples or we generally live in some certain way which is clearly recognisable as either good or evil.

Whatever it is, we put things or forms into Creation which affect other people or other creatures and create consequences as a result. These consequences return to us as karma when the time is ripe and it will be the exact same seed that was sown. So if we continually put forth hatred we cannot expect anything other than hatred to be the harvest that must be returned.

Because we all have many earth-lives behind us many of the karma that are now due for redemption have their origin in these past earth-lives, hence our inability sometimes to recognise why is it that we are struck with a particular karma. We must rest assured, however, that every single reaction came from a previous decision by man and that there is no other possibility. The earlier we come to grips with this concept of reincarnation and the need for atonement the easier it is to cope and deal with the effects of karma which we can never escape in any case.

Once we understand the whole process we also recognise a great help for the mitigation of this karma, which is the power of good volition. If we begin to think and act in a good way then we activate this power of good volition which is capable of nullifying the effects of the evil karma threatening us. It attracts similar pure powers from the Luminous Heights which protects us, helping us to overcome karma.

It is therefore unnecessary to be fearful but we must gain spiritual knowledge to know exactly how this power of volition works so that in the final end we might attain to Salvation.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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