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The problem with the Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory proposes that there was a large bang at the beginning of the creation of this earth or of the universe in general and that after this nebulae formed and so on and so forth. It presupposes that the materials were already there and that after this big explosion these materials started coming together to form what we know as the earth and the universe today. While there may not be anything wrong with the explosion or big bang as such, the way this theory is being advanced and explained leaves so many questions unanswered.

For instance, what caused this explosion or big bang and who or what put those materials in there in the first place, and how did these materials have the intelligence to know how to combine with each other and form the material globes? This theory as it is being advanced assumes that things just happened by chance and that the building blocks of material creation started, without further ado to combine with each other and aggregate into globes and so on and that these building blocks suddenly became sentient and are able to guide themselves.

How do we imagine it possible that material substance would suddenly become sentient and intelligent enough to form what we see before us as this material creation? This is absurd to say the least. Let us imagine a piece of clay. It just lies there, incapable of anything until an artist moulds it into any shape according to his volition. The same applies to any material substance. It is incapable of becoming sentient unless guided by a forming or a creative hand. It cannot arise and do things on its own. 

This then goes to show that the big bang theory as it is being explained and advanced today is wrong. The material substances, atoms and the like or the building blocks could not have aggregated themselves into the material globes that comprise this Creation without being guided to do so and without being moulded into the necessary forms and shapes. This is simply impossible. It goes to show the limitation that our science is subject to when it relies solely on the intellect which is limited and can never rise above time and space. Being able to rise above time and space is an absolute necessity if one seeks to understand Creation.

What then lies behind all this? What lies behind the formation of the material globes? Since it is agreed that material substances cannot on their own aggregate and must be guided, what shapes the forms and guides the formation of our material world? The fact that we men of the present era still ask these questions testifies to the fact that we indeed do have a long way to go in our understanding of Creation.

Surely many of us would have heard of elemental beings or nature beings who work in nature. Well, it is these same elemental beings or at least a special category of these beings who are responsible for guiding the formation of our material globes. The material globes must actually be specifically guided and formed by these elemental helpers while receiving direction from On High. The materials for all these were put there by our Creator but these materials must be shaped into forms by the elemental helpers.

This picture then is entirely different to what the scientists have hitherto been able to tell us because they ignore the greatest in all this – the guiding Hand of our Creator through the elemental or nature beings in bringing about the Creations and making it habitable for us.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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