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The fulfilment of Jesus’ Mission

Many of us have accepted the conventional belief that the fulfilment of Jesus’ Mission laid in His dying on the Cross; in the fact that the real purpose of His coming to this earth was to suffer death on the Cross and take mankind’s sins on His shoulders. This is the prevailing belief which has come to be accepted by everyone.

What has become accepted by everyone, however, does not make that matter in question the truth. Just because it is the prevailing belief does not at the same time make it the truth or for that matter make it logical, if we really think these matters through.

The belief that the great God would send someone to this earth to die in the place of another is so abhorrent that it is really hard to imagine how we could have believed in this for thousands of years. This is not even possible in our human society, then how could it be possible with God Who is the epitome of Perfection and Justice? 

The fact that we could belief in this fallacy suggests that we do not think matters through very much at all. We just accept what others have thought out without any questions. One would never find any quotations in the Bible from Jesus Himself on this issue of His coming to die and take mankind’s sins away with Him. It will never be found in the Bible that the sole Mission of Jesus was this vicarious death which takes away sins.

The Mission of Jesus was to teach and nothing more! To teach about the Laws of God and how we can adjust ourselves to these Laws. Jesus spent virtually His entire earth life teaching His followers about God and His Laws and how we could become better human beings. Nothing whatsoever about the possibility of taking people’s sins away.

It is the acceptance of His Teaching and the adherence to It that will take our sins away. If we adjust ourselves to the teachings of Jesus then we would live our earth lives in such a way that we would no longer commit any sins and the good deeds that we do will then nullify our previous evil deeds. Our previous sins would be erased through the nature of our good deeds. Jesus knew this and that was the reason He spent so much time teaching and adjuring us to become better human beings, loving our neighbours and treating them like we would like to be treated. 

It is this love for our neighbours that would wash away our sins and nothing else. The deeds of good we do towards our neighbours would be strong works of love capable of opposing and nullifying our previous evil ways. It is therefore a question of works based on the knowledge of the teaching of Jesus.

The death of Jesus is a matter which stands entirely on its own and was simply the consequence of the envy and hatred He aroused among those who had previously thought they were the leaders and masters of religious thought. Jesus’ Word was completely different from what these religious leaders had previously taught in the temples. His Word liberated the people and they flocked to Him. It was this loss of influence which enraged the religious leaders of the time leading to the slanders and the eventual murder of the Son of God.

Therefore the true Mission of Jesus the Son of God was to bring the teaching about God and His Laws to mankind so that we might know of them and adjust ourselves to them and become better human beings spreading love and peace in our environment instead of discord, envy, hatred, murder and war.

It is this true teaching of Jesus that we should seek so that we can do honour to Him and the sacrifice He made for the preservation of this His Word by adhering to It and becoming better human beings because of It.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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