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The importance of Jesus’ miracles

In recent decades strenuous efforts have been made and are still being made by biblical scholars to represent that the miracles of Jesus Christ were myths and were as nothing. Many, in their zeal have even denied that these miracles ever took place. They often state that they do this so that Jesus as a person can emerge in purity without all the myth surrounding Him. While this may be a lofty goal, they go too far as we human beings are often wont to do and altogether throw the child out with the bathwater.

While it is very important to separate the Teaching of Jesus from all the myth surrounding His Person, going so far as to deny that the miracles He performed were also real is missing the point altogether. His miracles were an essential part of His Ministry, otherwise He would never have performed them. Quite aside from the obvious human angle of the relief of suffering that the miracles achieved, they were also a most important way of arousing the people spiritually.

In performing these miracles, the generality of the people were meant to follow up the news of these miracles and as a result find the Word which was the ultimate aim. The people were meant to follow up the miracles and come into contact with the saving Word of God which would change their lives for the better if they followed It.

The pursuit of the historical Jesus should not detract from the fact of His miracles. His miracles were not a myth but the exercise of Divine Power which helped to heal many people and which also helped them find the Living Word of God. Therefore, there was nothing wrong with the miracles that Jesus performed as the scriptural scholars would have us believe.

The people were aroused from their spiritual lethargy when they heard the news of these miracles and on following these up came upon the Living Word. They listened to this Word from Jesus and the wish arose within them to follow this Word and live accordingly. In this way the darkness surrounding them had to loosen its grip and as such rays upon rays of Light penetrated the lives of the people.

They became better human beings realising the ease with which they could follow the Laws of God without any form of renunciation. Something completely different from what they had previously been taught by the Pharisees and Scribes. This set them free from the yoke of man-made laws which the Pharisees had instituted through the distortion of the Mosaic law.

It is a shame that as usual we use the earthbound intellect to examine something which is completely beyond the ambit of this intellect hence the scriptural scholars’ inability to truly understand the Divine Nature of Jesus and His Mission on earth. Let us hope that we are able to use our intuitions to examine the Bible and the Word of Jesus then the nature of His Work and His Mission will unfold before our spirits and in the end we cannot but give jubilant thanks to the Almighty for sending His Son for the salvation of our spirits.

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