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Moral Consensus

There have been assertions that there can never be a moral consensus among all human beings. It is indeed true that the reality on the ground is the lack of moral consensus. People vary greatly in the way they view issues. Some have no moral opinions of their own but accept the opinions which have been laid down by their religion.

Some have highly developed moral convictions and a strong sense of right and wrong. Some adjust this sense of right and wrong depending on the circumstances and whether it suits them. Therefore what we now have on earth today is almost as many moral opinions as there are human beings.

Even though human beings belong to the same species, they differ in the fundamental principles that guide their lives. There are still a great number of people, however, who have common ground on a good number of issues but as can be seen these mostly contain nothing fundamental and everything can still in most cases be interpreted in ways that will suit the individual or even probably evade the issues altogether.

The same sense of right and wrong should guide all human beings, however, no matter to what country or race they belong. Having all issued from the Spiritual realm, they are all created and guided through the same Law. The Truth is the Truth. There is only one Truth as it comes from God. As all human beings have issued from this Truth, they then each bear within themselves a particle of this Truth.

This particle that each individual bears within himself is the same for all. Therefore each individual is endowed with the keenest sense of what the truth is and as to what is right or wrong. Where there are differences as to this fundamental, something is terrible wrong. It simply means that the concerned human beings have buried the particle of truth that they were given and have substituted this particle with something else.

It is the spirit, the particle in question that is fundamental to all human beings and is also the same for all human beings. Therefore the burying of this spirit, which indeed has been the case for human beings for thousands of years has now led to a situation where nobody knows what Truth is anymore. 

Because we no longer use our spirits on earth, it is then easy for differences to arise in the interpretation of truth. What is uniform and fundamental to all human beings has been lost or deeply buried, hence the confusion in our earthly laws in almost all situations.

Because we had buried the spirit which is fundamental and uniform, is it then surprising that there is no uniformity in the perceptions of all human beings as to what constitutes right or wrong or that we could even attempt to adjust and twist the law to suit whatever circumstances?

These differences reflect among other things the varying degree to which the spirit has been buried within each individual. Some in whom the spirit has been completely buried have no moral scruples whatever and in some cases they may just be clinging to the morals principles that they were taught in schools and Churches but without any vibration of conviction within.

We have replaced our spirits with our intellects and since the intellect has no life of its own and since it originates far outside the realm from which Truth comes, it could really never understand this Truth much less try to explain it. The intellect cannot think and understand moral principles because these principles originate in the spiritual which lies far above the earthly conceptions of time and space to which the intellect is bound.

Once humanity awakens the spirit within, then it will once more be possible to interpret the law in the same way again. We will all then possess the same sense of right and wrong and all the confusion that today still exist in our legal system will then be automatically eliminated.

Then we would not have to phrase our legal sentences in the way that we still do today. These sentences will absorb the Will of God and establish this Will as the only law also on earth.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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