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Whose morality?

One of the fundamental reasons why people oppose the enshrinement of moral principles in our earthly law is the fear that those in power will impose their own moral principles on them thereby making life unbearable.

This is indeed a great concern because human beings as we are at the moment have not absorbed the Will of God at all and consequently are not in a position to issue any moral guidance.

To make matters worse, since most decisions on earth today are based on some sort of calculation, those who make the law or those in government will be prone to pressure from certain groups and indeed may yield to this group for the sake of money or votes.

The political system we run at the moment therefore does not suit the situation whereby government will be given the authority as arbiters or custodians of moral principles. Those in government are simply not spiritually mature enough to do this and indeed lacking the true knowledge of the Laws of God will do more harm than good.

It will be left to that time where only the Laws of God reign supreme on earth and where only those human beings are left who are willing to adjust all their activities to these Laws for moral and spiritual principles to be the basis of our earthly law.

As it is at the moment, we will fall victims to people who imagine that they know all and that they are the only ones living in the Will of God, which in most cases is actually not so and the result will be some sort of dictatorship. This is akin to what happened in Nazi Germany.

Moral principles do not need to be enforced. It lies deeply within each individual. Once the individual is able to awaken his spirit, he needs no further direction as to how to lead his life.

Having become aware what responsibility he bears before the Will of God, which responsibility he can never evade, he will adjust himself voluntarily and joyfully. There would then be no more crime and no need to enshrine anything in a rigid letter of the law.

Every human being carries a particle of the Law within himself and it is just all a question of rousing his spirit and working with it. All conflicts will then be automatically eliminated and he will be free and happy.

It rests with the Laws of God to enforce moral principles and this indeed will be so in the Judgment and the Millennium. Until then, human beings cannot be trusted to know what moral principles are much less impose them. We will always act in a one-sided manner because the comprehensive way of looking at things has been lost through the domination of the intellect.

As things stand, all that man has built up through his self-will and the pretence that he  knew everything better will collapse in the Judgment. It is then that we can talk of moral principles guiding our earthly law. Those who will be allowed to lead will then be able to see things in a more comprehensive way because they use the spirit. They will be trusted to rule because they would have absorbed the Will of God and His Wisdom.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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