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Can spiritual freedom come through earthly death or spiritual awakening?

Many of us think that at earthly death everything is balanced and good and that is the end of all and that we are free and completely unaccountable. It actually would have been nice to be relieved of all responsibility, to live according to our desires without due consideration for anything else. However, the reality is different and we indeed have to account for everything. We have been given certain powers and we must account for how we have used these powers.

It is of no use saying that we did not ask for these powers and why should we be made responsible for what we did not ask for? The reality again is that we asked for these powers and we asked for every single ability and talent that was given to us. It is up to us to gain the knowledge necessary to realise this. This our refusal to gain knowledge does not change anything in regard to our responsibility.

On earthly death we simply gravitate towards those regions in the Beyond where our desires can be fulfilled, whatever these desires may be. It is therefore all a question of desires. If while on earth we had desired nothing but base or evil things, these desires live on in our spirits and we carry these along into the Beyond, into regions where we find like-minded spirits and so we continue to live these desires. If evil-minded we continue to inflict suffering upon our fellow human spirits in this new region while these other spirits also try to inflict the same on us.

The contrary is the case in lighter regions where peace and joy reign and where those are attracted who had been good human spirits while on earth and lived a righteous and pure life. The joy they bring to others in their new realm they will also receive from the other human spirits in this new realm.

Earthly death therefore does not free one from responsibility but on the contrary can be a night of horror for many of us. On awakening in the Beyond, many of us would then wish to continue living on earth and never have to pass on. The experiences awaiting many of us are often so horrible that we had rather continue living on here on earth. Therefore it is high time to awaken from this thinking that on earthly death all is balanced and that in the Beyond, no justice exists, or that the Beyond does not even exist.

The only way out of the horrors is for us to awaken to spirituality. To awaken to spiritual knowledge: the knowledge of our spiritual essence and ourselves. Spiritual knowledge is the knowledge of ourselves as human beings and how to live in such a way as to bring blessings not only to ourselves but also to our surroundings. It is the awakening to the knowledge of God and His Creations and His Laws. Once we know His Laws, then it is easier for us to adhere to them. To awaken to spirituality has nothing to do with asceticism or suffering or occult experimentation. It is simply living our lives with open eyes and full knowledge. No more ignorance on any matter.

What then is this fear that we all have when it comes spirituality? Maybe it is the fear of being misled? We must keep searching until we find a teaching that answers all our questions. As long as a teaching leaves one question unanswered and relies on blind faith, then it is not sufficient for our ascent to the Luminous Heights. It must be discarded and we must keep on searching. One day, our perseverance will be rewarded when we finally come across the true Teaching. Nothing must be left to chance. Therefore it is spiritual awakening that can lead to spiritual freedom and liberation.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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