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Is contraception or birth control medication wrong?

This question would not have been necessary had mankind always practised restraint. Man’s sexual instinct is not as it should be but is probably a hundred-fold of what is normal. The constant desire for sexual intercourse whether within marriage or not is what has led to the present apparently uncontrolled growth in the world’s population.

If man’s appetite for sexual intercourse was more normal then it would not at all be necessary to introduce any form of birth control or contraception since man’s natural approach and maturity in these matters would automatically also be a form of natural contraception and birth control. He would then no longer need to feel the need to always have sexual intercourse but would adjust his desires to what is natural and as such normal for the human being.

We would then have sexual intercourse only when it is absolutely necessary since the desire for this will come from the spirit and not from the intellect as it is the case at the moment. The need for contraception therefore is being driven by our abnormally exaggerated sexual instinct.

If therefore we allow our spirits to take control in these matters, then birth control and contraception will occur as a matter of course without any need to take any external substances. It will be natural because we will only have sexual intercourse when the natural radiations of our spirits and bodies dictate it and procreation will also follow the same natural urges.

Sexual intercourse then will only occur from time to time when the couple feel the need for exchange of vibrations and of procreation. It will be controlled by the spirit and nothing but healthy naturalness can result from this.

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