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The dangers of occult training

IT is actually a question of what constitutes spirituality and the striving for the spiritual. If our concept of spirituality or striving for the spiritual and the recognition of God consists in the main of developing or acquiring abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience then by all means occult training is the way to go. If, however, our concept of spirituality and the recognition of God consists in the main of improving ourselves through pure thoughts, words and deeds, then occult training is of no benefit. 

If the ultimate aim of the human spirit is to understand God and move closer to Him, then we must by all means choose avenues and means that correspond to the Purity and Holiness of God. If we regard God as Holy and Pure, then it is obvious that only through learning to purify ourselves can bring us to His proximity. Only human spirits who can be pure in themselves can be in a position to approach Him and as such are allowed in His proximity. 

This therefore suggests that for human beings whose goal it is to understand God and as such draw near to Him, our first task is to purify ourselves and make ourselves pure. Our pure nature will make it possible to approach God and understand Him. It is otherwise impossible. It is impossible for impure human spirits or any other creature for that matter to approach the Purity of God. It is impossible for impure creatures to draw near to Him, much less understand Him. 

Therefore for those whose goal it is to love God and understand HIm, the only way thereto is the purification of our spirits through pure thoughts, words and deeds. If we are able to do this, which is by no means easy, then the way to the proximity of God is open. If, however, we fail to do this, all the clairvoyant abilities in the whole world will never bring us closer to Him. Therein the uselessness of all clairvoyant abilities or occult faculties in general acquired through occult training reveals itself.

God is right at the summit of everything, literally speaking. Therefore to ascend up to His proximity we must be able to do so through the purity of our being which gives us the possibility to rise higher and higher in Creation. Impure ones can never rise up to the Luminous Heights because they are held down through the weight of their spiritual bodies. The pure ones are able to ascend because the purity of their volition makes their spiritual bodies lighter.

Training to acquire occult faculties does not improve our volition for the better. It does not make us better human beings. It hardly ever leads to purity of thoughts. The energy expended acquiring these abilities could be put to use in improving our volition and purifying our thoughts. To make matters worse because the acquisition of these abilities do not at the same time help to purify us many of those who have acquired these abilities are only able to see and hear entities and beings which correspond to the lower level on which they stand. If we purify ourselves first then it is quite possible that we could be given these abilities quite naturally and therefore also be able to see and hear higher entities which are of more value. 

As it is, those who have artificially acquired these abilities are at the mercy of base influences and are in danger of being molested by the entities they see and hear and in many cases have been harmed by these entities.

It is therefore imperative that those striving to understand God and His creation should do only that which leads them to His proximity and avoid things that are unnatural which exposes them to untold dangers and possible destruction.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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