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Is expulsion from Paradise the consequence of the Fall of Man?

No, rather the exclusion from Paradise is the result of the Fall of Man. The expulsion from Paradise as described in the Book of Genesis in the Bible is an entirely different event that stands on its own and is not to be confused with the Fall of Man.

The expulsion of human spirits from Paradise is a natural world event that occurs to every spirit germ as the urge within it ripens to a stage where it must be expelled or released from the Spiritual realm in order for it to continue on its journey towards self-consciousness.

As mentioned in the book “In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin, human beings originated in the Spiritual realm or Paradise as unconscious spirit seeds or germs. These seeds were unconscious of self and their abilities were undeveloped.

In the Spiritual realm or Paradise, their abilities would have remained undeveloped because the pressure therein was too great for the unfolding of these abilities. Each spirit germ or seed, however, had a burning urge to realise self-consciousness. It was this urge within each human spirit seed, which as time went on ripened it to a stage where it could move in the direction where its goal for self-consciousness could be realised.

This goal could not be realised in the Spiritual realm as mentioned above, but in lower-lying realms, because the pressures in these lower-lying realms were not so great and as such could permit the unfolding of the abilities within each spirit seed. These lower-lying realms are the various celestial globes referred to as the World of Matter (the material world) including the earth and all the intermediate realms.

The coarse influences in these lower-lying realms would stimulate the sleeping spirit seeds and induce their abilities to develop. The struggles that these seeds have to go through in the World of Matter would act as inducers to awaken them to the recognition of self. It is the reference to these struggles that we have in Genesis as “In the sweat of thy brow, thy shalt eat bread”.

So what was described in Genesis is a natural phenomenon that must occur to every human spirit as soon as it strives towards self-consciousness. It is not a punishment for “the fall of man”. The latter, which came later on led to mankind’s exclusion from Paradise which is also a phenomenon that stands entirely on its own. It is this exclusion which is the punishment for the Fall.

The hitherto described expulsion from Paradise was a natural phenomenon which also would have guaranteed our return to Paradise if we had followed the natural processes drawn up by God for the development of human spirits. It is the cycle of development for all human spirits whereby out-flowing spirit seeds would after having completed their development in the World of Matter automatically return to the Paradise they came from as fully developed human spirits.

However, during the course of our development in the World of Matter, this cycle was perverted through the activities of Lucifer and mankind’s self-will. Instead of using the tool that would have guaranteed a perfect development of our abilities and as such guaranteed a return to Paradise, we opted for a tool which was earthbound and which would keep us bound to the earth because the latter is its origin.

Instead of using the spiritual intuition, we opted for the intellect. It is this specific decision to use the intellect over the intuition that is the Fall of Man. It is a fall because mankind made a decision that went against the Almighty’s ordinance. It was this disobedience that was his fall.

This fall, however, must have a consequence. The consequence is our inability to complete our development and return to Paradise whence we came. Since we had decided for the intellect, we became earthbound just like the intellect. It is this inability to return to Paradise that is the exclusion from Paradise which is the punishment for the Fall of Man. We excluded ourselves.

Therefore, exclusion from Paradise is the result and consequence of the Fall of Man. The expulsion from Paradise has nothing to do with this. It is a natural phenomenon.

What then do we do now? We must “transpose the lights”. We must now awaken our intuitions and come to know the role assigned to the intellect, which is nothing but the handyman of the spirit. It is a tool which is only useful for life on earth, whereas the intuition is eternal.

We must awaken our spirits and come to realise that the spirit actually exists within each human being. It has been so suppressed over thousands of years that the majority of people do not even realise the existence and the presence of this essence within themselves. It is a pity.

Let us begin now. It is this failure that leads to a terrible misunderstanding amongst all human beings leading to hatred, envy, wars, and so on.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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