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Can innocent people suffer?

Everywhere we hear it said that the innocent suffer or that that innocent child must suffer and so on. As always we give opinions on matters we know absolutely nothing about because we view all things only from one aspect because we have lost the ability to view things simultaneously from different angles and more importantly through the eyes of our spirits which sees far beyond the earthly.

The origin of everything lies beyond the physical and as such if we are to give voice to our opinions it would be better if we first of all familiarize ourselves with the beyond earthly realms and how it interrelates to this earthly physical side. Until we do that it is better not to comment because we do not have the ability to judge these matters.

In essence we have to know about the Laws that govern Creation and the structure of this Creation and man’s place in it before we can be in any position where we can consider ourselves knowledgeable enough to voice any opinions. If we truly acquire this knowledge of the structure and Laws of Creation then we would indeed see that there is no injustice in anything and the infallibility we will see in the actions of the Divine Will will compel us to be more pensive. 

We will then realise that there is not a single case where anyone suffers a consequence of a karma unjustly. That person would at some point or the other in his existence have produced the seed which has now ripened for him as a just reward for his actions. 

The seed or the initial action need not have occurred in this present earth life but often in previous earth-lives. This is the point where everything breaks down for many people because it is often difficult to reconcile the idea of reincarnation. Just because this concept has never been taught in our religious schools, many people think that it must be wrong. 

The fact that it has not been taught does not make it wrong at all. On the contrary considering all that has been omitted in the body of knowledge which mankind must definitely know about then this concept must indeed be true. Without the thorough understanding of this concept it is impossible to explain anything logically. 

There will always be gaps in our knowledge and it is no use denying this anymore because at some point in time this knowledge will force itself through because it is natural and what is natural always prevails. The earlier one embraces it the easier the transition to the new life will be and the easier one is able to adjust oneself to this Creation and obey its Laws which guarantees our salvation. 

Therefore there can be no question of an injustice or the assertion that the innocent suffer. What we are in essence saying is that God must be blamed for all that happens to human beings and that human beings have no responsibility. Even though we claim that we have free will we forget to realise that the ability to use our free will also conditions that we must be responsible for the way we use this free will. If this free will has been used in a particular way then the individual must bear the responsibility for the way he has used his free will in this particular way. 

It is the way we have used our free wills that results in karma which we must balance. We can now see that this has nothing to do with the great Creator who has given us this gift to be used for our development and for the blessing of our environment. Considering the fact that we have all been going and coming to and from this earth for thousands of years is it really possible for someone to confidently say that he is innocent and that he has no sin? Not a single one of us is guiltless hence there can be no question of suffering a particular karmaic reaction innocently.

Let us be brave enough to accept this fact and face whatever lies in the future with confidence and acceptance of the fact that we must have caused this or that effect or that reaction and thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to atone for our misdeeds because every karmaic reaction is a blessing because it gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from our previous errors.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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