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Is man Divine or can he become Divine?

The simple answer to this question is no. Man is not and never was Divine nor can he ever become so. Man is spirit. It is all a question of where exactly in the vast Creation he derives his origin. There are three possibilities in terms of origin of existence: Divinity, Spirituality and Animistic.

The animals and all the nature beings that normally work here derive their origin from the Animistic realm, whereas the human spirit derives its origin from the Spiritual realm. The Spiritual realm is higher than the Animistic realm and consequently creatures from this realm have a higher perceptive ability that those of the Animistic realm.

Likewise creatures who have their origin in the Divine realm are higher than those who have their origin in the Spiritual realm and as such have a higher power and perception. Please note that the Creator has been left out of this because He lies higher than even the Divine. Examples of Divine creatures are the Archangels that we are more or less familiar with.

To recapitulate, Creation is divided into the Spiritual, Animistic and the Material. The Divine is actually outside of Creation and is not really a division of Creation. Therefore man is a part of Creation, whereas the Divine Beings are not. They stand outside of it and are not dependent on it. This fact alone explains everything.

It is not possible for a creature to change its point of origin, therefore a human spirit cannot become an animal, no matter how lowly he has become nor can he become Divine, no matter how highly developed he may be. He must nevertheless remains spiritual. The same principle applies to everything we find in Creation. No particular object can go beyond the composition of its origin; lead will always be lead and gold will always be gold. The latter can never become silver or platinum or any other metal no matter what we do to it.

It is all a question of what lies at the core. As human beings, instead of wanting or aspiring to what we can never become, we should try and perfect the nature of our spiritual being. We should work harder to perfect our spirits. There is actually no end to this task. We can forever work on this task thereby becoming more and more perfect and powerful. This is actually our goal and the purpose of our lives.

Perfecting our spirits requires nothing more of us than seeking out what the Laws in Creation are and adjusting ourselves to them. This perfection then becomes automatic, natural like everything else in Creation.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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