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What makes a man strong?

We hear it expressed everywhere the concept of the strong man. That man is considered strong who can make so-called tough decisions. He is considered strong if he declares war or uses violence or take so-called tough economic decisions. In short he is a person who makes these decisions irrespective of the consequences on other people. If he is able to blunt his conscience, then he is considered strong.

In fact the yardstick for strength according to earthly conceptions is this being able to “blunt one’s conscience” and “do what you have to do” irrespective. If one hesitates because of the misgivings one has because of conscience, one is considered weak and unworthy to be a leader.

Just like in everything else mankind has taken the exact opposite road in this matter also. It is in fact a sign of the greatest weakness if one acts in the way that is considered strong today. It is simply a sign of the greatest spiritual depth and a complete walling in of the spirit if the sufferings of one’s fellow human beings is no longer felt such that one acts in the way described above.

True strength does not lie in what we regard as being strong today. It lies in the ability of a human being to have “deep inner feelings”, being able to feel and recognise the intuitive perceptions and the sufferings of other people, being moved by it and making decisions based on it which harmonises with the Laws of God. Therefore the ability of “deep inner feelings” is the only yardstick that matters in Creation which indicates how far that individual has come in his spiritual development.

Being strong-willed is something different which indicates that the individual is so strong in his convictions that he is not easily diverted from his spiritual goal in spite of all the distractions that seek to divert him. He has his spiritual goal in view at all times and will stick to this goal irrespective without harming or taking advantage of others in the process.

Being strong-willed therefore has nothing to do with self-will or stubbornness or heartlessness. A strong-willed individual who uses this attribute aright will arrive quicker at the Luminous Heights and if he also cultivates “deep inner feelings” within himself then the better for him. Having “deep inner feelings” therefore is a measure of how alive we are in spirit and it is an attribute that should be held in the highest esteem instead of being mocked as is often the case today due to our spiritual ignorance.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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