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The difference between real world events and world history

A lot of emphasis has been placed for a long time already on recounting and retelling world history. The life history of great men and their achievements, or the history of a particular nation have been retold over and over again in order to find or garner some grains of truth, or to understand the motives for their actions and discover the reasons for their achievements.

Wars are documented and so on and so forth. It is safe to say that the entire body of our written history represent nothing more than accounts of the actions of men. They all represent the various ways in which men have used their free wills or rather their self-wills in this Creation.

That is world history and it is not surprising that this history always repeats itself. It will always repeat itself as long as man remains what he is and refuses to change for the better. As long as he remains intellectual man instead of spiritual man, he will be condemned to relive his often horrible experiences.

The basic volition of the majority of men has not changed at all since his actions have always been dictated by greed, cunning and materialistic pursuits. Until he changes this basic drive within him, the consequences will always be the same: war, famine, poverty and suffering.

It is therefore not surprising that in spite of all we have written and read about world history, nothing has been learned from them. We have learned them intellectually, but it has not penetrated to the spirit.

World events on the other hand are something entirely different. They have nothing to do with the volitions of men. They apply to those times when the Almighty Himself has decided to intervene in the affairs of men. They represent those times when Messages have come from Him to mankind on earth. They represent milestones in the spiritual history and development of man. They represent those times when prophets have incarnated among men to guide them one step further in the knowledge of the Laws of God.

World events therefore represent those times of the various incarnations of prophets among all peoples. An example of one of the greatest world events to date is the Incarnation of Jesus among the Jewish peoples. Other world events include the incarnations of Mohammed among the Arabic peoples, that of Buddha among the Indians, Zoroaster of Iran, to name just a few.

Each time there was a new teaching from God and the peoples were given an opportunity to advance that one more step towards the understanding of His Laws. These teachings in their undistorted form represented what that group needed for its progress towards the Luminous Heights. That should be real world history.

It is to this real world events that we should pay more attention and not to the accounts of the wrong use of the volition of man which unfortunately seem to be our preoccupation at the moment. We stand a better chance of improving ourselves as human beings if we pay more attention to these events because we would realise that over and over again, these prophets of God had been always impeded in their activities and once they departed this earth, their teachings were always appropriated by men of evil volition and exploited for earthly purposes.

This will open our eyes to the recognition that all along God had always sent in helpers but that it is man himself who had always refused to adjust to the teachings of these helpers.

Therefore, it is to these world events that we must pay more attention and always be on the look out for them, for they always occur. They will always come with a revelation of new spiritual knowledge for mankind.

These revelations, however, do not draw attention to themselves but man must be on the look out for them. He is the one who must be on the alert lest this new teaching and revelation pass him by.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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