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Disorganised Schizophrenia

Disorganised and catatonic schizophrenia can actually be discussed together but we shall take them separately. Disorganised schizophrenia is characterised by early age of onset and the presence of pronounced thought and speech disorder, altered affect and strange behaviour.

The symptoms in these patients most often include auditory or visual hallucinations (hearing voices or seeing images), which as it gets worse changes to complete depersonalisation. They are then no longer themselves. Their emotional responses are inappropriate and their personal appearance are unpredictable. Some may be prone to violent outbursts.

As mentioned in the article on Schizophrenia, the fact of their disorganised thoughts and speech point to the struggle between the rightful owner of the body and the intruder(s). They all fight for the use of the brain of this individual in order to manifest themselves. The fact that many human spirits may be involved manifests in the vast array of symptomatology in some of these patients.

The conflict and this struggle is then what leads to these bizarre, confused thoughts and speech. Their activities become aimless and non-constructive. In these patients, the soul or souls almost always continuously use this patient’s brain and this is the reason for the chronicity of this condition.

The main reason for this possession is spiritual weakness or indolence and some other factors such as fear or shock that temporarily paralyses or weakens the spirit.

Fear or shock of a temporary nature is unlikely to account for cases of disorganised schizophrenia, however. This is therefore a case of possession, hence the depersonalisation.

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