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Dissociative disorders

There are three main forms of dissociative disorders that concern us though there are other forms. These three forms are: dissociative amnesia, dissociative fugue and dissociative identity disorder. Dissociative amnesia refers to the inability of the patient to recall important events in his or her life, which events are usually of painful or stressful nature.

The amnesia may either be selective or localised. By selective is meant the inability to recall some of the events during a circumscribed period of time. Localised refers the inability to recall all the events during a circumscribed period of time.

We must note here that most of these cases are related to some painful or stressful phenomenon or the other. It may be a motor accident, a plane crash or severe emotional trauma.


Dissociative Identity Disorder

This is the most serious of all the possession disorders. It is characterised by the presence of two or more different distinct personality states taking over the behaviour of this individual, sequentially. The host in this case is invariably spiritually weak and this weakness allows other soul or souls to push it aside sometimes and express their own volitions.

These personalities are usually distinct from each other and may be aware of each other. When the rightful owner returns to himself or herself, he or she is usually amnesic of the events that had occurred when the other personalities were operating.

The root of the problem is the fact that the spirit of the original owner of the body is so weak that it offers little resistance to encroachment.

Mankind’s intellectual domination over thousands of years has led to this tragedy. Other factors are fear and shock which temporarily or permanently paralyses the spirit, thereby breaking down its defences or some occult practices, whereby through dallying with those in the Beyond, the individual can then be possessed.


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Through thousands of years of overdevelopment of the intellect, we had ignored and consequently weakened the spirit. This weak spirit is then no longer able to offer a fight, which normally it should be able to do.

This disorder affects mostly adolescents and young adults and obviously if these had been given the proper education as regards the presence of the spirit within them, and the absolute necessity to strengthen it, then this tragedy would in most cases be avoided.

There is nothing wrong with the brains of these people and the solution to their problems will not be found in the brain. The fact of their history is clear as to where the cause lie.

Those in authority however, fail to listen, and prefer to rummage in the dust in their attempt to explain these problems by ever again turning to the tool that had led to the problem in the first place.

Yielding to the intellect ties off the spirit and prevents its functioning and this is the reason for this problem. The inability of the spirit to assert itself on this earth and to grow strong through increased activity has led to this great tragedy which confronts the mental sciences.

It is a pity that through obstinacy and arrogance, many lives are wasted. All these people can be helped if resources could be turned in the right direction.



These patients can be cured but this cure lies in the hands of one called for the purpose which requires that this person be connected to the Light.

His powers, combined with that which he receives from the Light will be sufficient to dislodge these malevolent spirits.

Another way for cure is for a knowing one to change the blood radiation of these patients. There can be an acute change in the blood radiation which can lead to an immediate amelioration of the symptoms.

This can then be followed up with long term change in the blood radiation through appropriate diet that suits that particular individual.

If their symptoms have resulted from occult practices or some other means brought on by themselves, then it is very difficult indeed for the Light to help because they have themselves extended their own volitions towards the darkness. Ignorance then of the Laws of God is not a protection against the consequences.

During those periods when the individual is himself it will be helpful to educate him as to the real cause and advice as to the absolute importance of strengthening his spirit.

A strong prayer and the sending forth of a strong volition to the Light for help will result in help being extended.

They, however, must turn their volitions only to the good always. This will strengthen their spirits because through activity, which the good volition ensures, the spirit grows strong and its defence mechanism also grows strong consequently.

They must be advised that the only way for a long term cure is the realisation that their spirit had been weak and that they would need to strengthen it. Strengthening the spirit changes the blood radiation to suit them for their outward activity.

A complete change in outlook which involves de-emphasising the materialistic and intellectual way of life and emphasising the spirit.

An absolute focus on the spiritual aspects of existence will in short measure strengthen their spirits.

Overemphasis on the brain and the intellect and the lack of attention to spiritual things have so weakened their spirits that another spirit is now able to make itself felt through crowding out their own spirit. Their goals must change from what they had hitherto been. If their focus had been that the purpose of life is the accumulation of material things or the attainment of some fame then they must absolutely change in this.

A change in lifestyle including the diet to what is more natural will also help. Above all a change in volition to what is good is the key.

There are, however, so many other factors and each individual case needs to be considered on its merits.

The need for the educational system to change so as to avert this tragedy. Healthy spiritually strong adolescents and young adults will then be produced through the educational system who will then not be prone to this very distressing problem. This educational system must put emphasis on spiritual values as the most important aspect of our lives.

Obviously all the activities in schools and in our lives generally are spirit-weakening. We do not even know what the word spirit means! A change in this is absolutely necessary if we want a permanent solution to mental problems which in reality are not mental problems at all but symptoms of a humanity that has emasculated its spirit here on earth.

Fearful persons are especially prone to this problem and the patients must be advised to avoid this.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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