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Mental illness: the real issues

It is perhaps pertinent for us to examine this issue since much tragedy exists, and also much that baffles which no one knows the reason for, and which at the moment there is no real hope of a solution.

The broad field of Psychiatry, which in reality should be called “medicine for the soul” has relied too heavily on tools which are unable to penetrate into the real cause of the problems and as such will never be able to resolve the most important issues confronting this field.

Most of the work in Psychiatry deal with problems which can safely be classified as belonging to the soul or the spirit. Problems that arise due to disorders of the brain are assigned to neurology and rightly so. More often than not there are no physical basis for most of the problems in Psychiatry, yet its practitioners have always tended to look for a physical cause of the distress of their patients. Often, with very little success.

Since most of the time the practitioners have found very little physically to explain the state or the maladies of their patients, is it not time for them to begin to look elsewhere for the root causes of these problems? At the moment, only the symptoms are being treated because the understanding of the root causes is lacking.

Psychiatry must learn to look beyond the earthly if it is to find solutions to its problems. They must look for the real causes in the soul and in the beyond earthly environments. Since most practitioners in this field do not understand what the beyond earthly environment is all about, much less the soul, the road to progress will be a long and arduous one.

They use the intellect to investigate diseases that have their origin in realms closed to this intellect. This simple natural fact precludes the possibility of any progress. Yet they would not shy away from using some of the tools which belong to this beyond earthly environment without even understanding what it is they are using as for example the indiscriminate widespread use of hypnosis.

The problems in Psychiatry will not be solved until the practitioners learn to know the Laws of Creation and the nature of man. This requires that they learn to look beyond the physical body. They have to learn to use the tool of the intuition in all their investigations into this field which will bring immediate success and help to so many patients who today have no possibility of being helped and are confined to asylums or condemned to a life of suffering. The solutions to these problems are often quite simple, since in Creation itself simplicity is to be found everywhere.

It is a sorry field and it is hoped that this disastrous outlook is corrected sooner rather than later.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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