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Atheism: some reasons

There are definitely those who blindly reject the concept of a Godhead and who despite all evidence to the contrary are fed by their fears of a life in the hereafter. They reject a Godhead primarily because they want a world where they would not be held accountable for anything. This is then the real reason behind all their bombast and their railings against the existence of a Godhead.

The vast majority of so-called atheists on the other hand are those who have confused God or a Godhead with organised religion. They indeed have a quarrel with organised religion and in their antagonism lump everything in the one barrel and assume that the Creator must be synonymous with organised religion. They do themselves a great disservice. They do themselves great harm since whatever it is that they believe has no bearing on the great God Himself. The great Creator Is! Ever Present, Independent, and indifferent to the opinions of men. These are the ones who cut themselves off from the great beneficent radiation that permeates the whole world and they are much the worse for it.

Again Lucifer has won a following since he has managed to delude a great many people into believing that the arbitrary acts of men and their religion actually emanate from God and that God actually established these religions and as such must be answerable for what happens within these organisations. Whatever human beings decide to do within the confines of an organised religion with their injustices, cruelties and so on, God must answer for since in the minds of some men He established these religions and the leaders of these religions are His representatives and are acting on His behalf. This is one of the greatest delusions that has taken hold of the vast majority of mankind so much so that even believers believe this to be the case.

The representatives of organised religion have done a very good job in masquerading themselves as acting on behalf of God and that whatever decision they make must be sanctioned by God. A very successful delusion that will require decades if not centuries to eradicate from the consciousness of mankind.

It must be robustly emphasised here that God and organised religion are not one and the same thing. God has nothing to do with organised religion. Whatever it is that the men of organised religion believe or do, they do only out of their own thinking and free will without consulting God about it. It will certainly not occur to any right thinking person that the mass murders of the Inquisition were sanctioned by God.

Organised religions have often done things completely contrary to the Will of God and have often opposed the Messengers of God with enmity and hatred, even murder. The long list of martyrs gives proof to this.

Just because in the minds of the majority of mankind organised religion and God are taken to be one and the same, it is then easy to blame God for all the ills befalling organised religion. All the injustices apparent in it can all be attributed to God. All the imperfections and the decisions made by the representatives of organised religion can now be laid at God’s doorstep

It is time to make this cleavage and absolutely cut the link and separate God from whatever it is that organised religion represents. God is God and has often made His Will known independently through His servants whom He has sent to mankind through the ages. It is often organised religion that has opposed these same servants sent by God. It is often after the death of these truth bringers that the men of organised religion have appropriated the teachings of these servants and exploited it for their own gain. This is so in every religion of all the races of mankind without exception.

The atheists and in fact all of mankind would do well to come to know Who God really Is and what He represents in His Will. They will be shocked to realise how different it is from what organised religion represents and teaches. They will then learn to direct their attacks and unbelief not towards God but to the appropriate quarter. They will be astonished to realise what greatness and what beauty lies in being permitted to know God and His Will. Shame will silence them and baring their souls they will forever pledge their allegiance and service to the great God who made us all.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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