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The lost keys to the Kingdom of God

The keys to God’s kingdom lie in obeying His Will! His Will lies in His Word which He has given to mankind through the prophets of old and also in Its purest form in the Teaching of Jesus, His Son.

Mankind, however, has always, with every teaching that was given through the prophets, thought that we knew everything better and consequently have distorted these teachings. Those who followed the prophets have always argued and quarrelled amongst themselves about the meaning of the words of the truth-bringer often changing these words, misinterpreting them or often deliberately altering them to suit this or that purpose.

This inevitably led to dissensions giving rise to the establishment of many sects of the same religion, each arguing that it possesses the purest form of the teaching of the truth-bringer. As a result we have often been left not with the pure form of the teaching of the respective truth-bringer but only with a garbled form, misinterpreted or altered by those who are leaders or custodians of that particular religion.

The pure Word of God has therefore not been purely preserved in its original form. It can even be safely said that in the long history of mankind’s spiritual journey, the spiritual teachings of the truth-bringers have never been purely preserved for posterity.

So therefore today, it can be confidently asserted that no religion no matter how lofty it claims its teachings to be has the pure teaching of God preserved for its followers. The pure form of the teaching has inevitably over thousands of years been altered for one reason or the other, either made too lenient for the purpose of increasing the number of adherents or for the purpose of attaining some earthly power and influence and wealth.

As a result the keys to the Kingdom of God contained in the pure form of all these teachings which were mercifully brought by all the prophets and truth-bringers have been lost, buried over with layers of earthly ordinances which divert the human spirit from what is most essential. 

For progress to be made it is essential that these lost keys be unearthed and the pure teachings of the truth-bringers be revealed in their inviolable glory. But then who is to set about unearthing these lost keys in the teachings? How does one go about unearthing what has already been irretrievably lost? It is impossible unless God inclines once again to mankind and reveals once again His pure Word unadulterated for the last time so that those who are earnestly seeking for It may find their way and use the restored Keys for their own salvation.

Let us pray that we are alert enough to discover this new Word of God and ask for strength to adhere to It to the very end. Amen.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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