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Which is the right belief?

Seekers are often faced with this question. Which is the right belief? And the other question is: is my belief the right one? Indeed if seekers had been asking these questions from the beginning maybe things would have turned out in the right way for many of us. The problem though is that we hardly ask these questions. We are often satisfied with whatever belief we grew up in or that we have somehow viewed to be the right one, often without adequate examination of the tenets.

We often accept our parents’ beliefs and consider these also to be right for us. There are times when some of us have accepted a particular opinion simply because it is well-regarded by others or it may be the popular belief at the time and probably after the most cursory examination of the tenets.

We now deem this belief of ours to be the right one and the other religions or beliefs are wrong. After all, the millions, even billions of people who belief in the same thing cannot just be wrong, so we think. We seem to base our belief system on superficial, external considerations, on appearances only and rarely on substance which can stand the test of time. 

Often once we regard ourselves as having the right belief or religion we lapse into a state where we do not ask any more questions, apparently self-satisfied that our belief system has all the answers to the questions of life. Even if we sometimes acknowledge that they do not have all the answers, we console ourselves with the attitude that we are not alone in our error.

Well, it is not actually a question of which is the right belief but that of recognising the Truth which is not limited to one denomination and not the exclusive property of any denomination or belief system. What we should seek is the Truth! If we truly seek the Truth, then it would not be difficult to recognise the deficiencies in our own belief system and seek to fill the existing void.

The Truth is the preserve of the Creator Who has once more allowed this Truth to be allowed to be given to mankind after we had confused ourselves through the distortions we introduced into the Word of Jesus.

The Truth Is! We as human beings should never feel comfortable or safe until we are sure that we have found It. We know that we have found It when all the burning questions of human existence have been answered without resorting to blind faith. Absolutely every question must be answered through the Truth. It is that type of belief system that we should be on the look out for.

Let us hope that we all have the courage to challenge our present existing belief system demanding that it answer all our questions and if that is not possible to seek out for the Truth to fill the gaps in our current belief system.

It is this kind of alertness that will keep the oil in our lamps continually replenished so that we might recognise the Bridegroom when He comes.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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