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The nature of gravity

Man’s misconception about the nature of gravity is a damning judgement on the nature of the intellect and its complete inability to lift itself higher. Everything has to absolutely originate from the earth with no thought given to the possibility that the origin of all things actually come from above. 

Since the intellect has its origin from the earth, it is therefore not surprising that it places everything that it tries to investigate on its own level and ascribes the origin of all things to the earth. It is science that is to blame for all this and not the intellect, or rather the scientists who attempt to investigate the natural world with a tool that is no wise endowed with the capacity to do so.

How could gravity arise from the earth? How could each planetary body have its own gravitational force or attraction? The simplicity in Creation precludes such theories.

How could the earth or the other planets for that matter be the origin for anything? These lie on the lowest plane in the entire Creation and naturally speaking and when looked at logically, it becomes clear that whatever lies at the bottom of a strata can never give origin to something that permeates the whole, hence something as fundamental and important as gravity.

The word “gravity” itself denotes something that comes from above, a power that comes from above the earthly which in the first place gives origin to the strata or stratification of the entire Creation. It automatically accounts for the layering of all the structures in Creation depending on their weights.

Since it is a power that comes from above, it permeates everything. It is a Law of Creation. There is no place in Creation where its effect will not be found and it is this observation of its pervasiveness that science has erroneously interpreted by saying that every single planetary body has its own gravitational attraction because it looks at things only from its own perspective which is narrow and earthly with the earth always at the centre of all happenings. It never occurs to the intellect and hence to science that the actual reason and the origin for the effects it has observed lie far above the material world.

Now since the effect of gravity is to be found in all things then it must be a law. Its all pervasiveness and regularity cannot but make us conclude that this effect is indeed the result of a law which permits of no deviation. We all know the characteristics of a ‘law’. It is something that is enshrined and which may not be tampered with or ignored without consequences.

Now since we are all agreed that this effect of gravity must be a law and since this law was not one of the man-made ones, where then did it come from? It is as if this effect of gravity is just there, has always been there as something natural and as something we have come to regard as natural and have thereby taken for granted. Everyone knows it, even every child.

Since we all regard it as something natural, then it must be a law of Nature, since Nature is natural. It is therefore one of the natural laws which cannot be shifted and which never changes. Since it never changes, we must conclude that it is perfect since immutability is a characteristic of perfection.

Since it is a natural law – the Law of Gravitation- and since all natural laws come from God, and since God lies far above the Creations, then this effect of gravity comes from far above. It comes from God. God is the Power behind gravity. Gravity is therefore much more than we think. Its all-pervading nature should have raised our suspicions, since only the Power from God is all-pervading.

Gravity is therefore a Divine Law in Creation which permeates everything and is immutable, perfect and just. Its effect is responsible for the division of Creation into layers depending on their weights, whereby we have the spiritual parts of Creation lying higher and closer to God because they are lighter and the material parts of Creation lying lower because these are heavier and as such must be placed far away from God.

We all therefore must rethink gravity. Our fates depend on it since at our earthly death it also determines which realm we find ourselves, depending on our spiritual weights. If while on earth we had always regarded the things of the earth as of paramount importance, then our spiritual weights will be more, but if on the other hand we had already started to strive after the spiritual and the noble, then our spiritual weights will be less and we will be attracted to realms which correspond to our weights, lighter and more luminous.

Let us begin today with that volition and pray the Lord that we be given the strength to do so. Amen.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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