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Is spiritual knowledge consistent with logic?

If we realise that spiritual knowledge is all about learning who and what we are and learning about our natural environment then it goes without saying that this knowledge must be consistent with logic.

This question would not have been necessary had mankind not always confused spiritual knowledge and the seeking of God with organised religion. These two things are not the same and they must be firmly separated in the minds of men before many of the questions we have within us can be answered.

What has God got to do with what in most cases men have thought out in the various dogmas of organised religion? Absolutely nothing. Because men have always thought that organised religion and God were the same and looking at the pitiable history and the want of logic in the prevailing dogmas of the organised religions, is it then surprising that men have concluded that whatever professes to be spiritual can never be logical?

The want of logic and the way the leaders of religious movements have handled many of life’s most important questions have led many thinking men to conclude that whoever wants to investigate the spiritual will have to abandon logic if he is to make any headway.

Nothing, however, can be further from the truth! There is nothing more logical than spiritual science. It is the science of man; the science of nature; the science of his environment and above all the science of the knowledge of God. If religious leaders had sought to truly explain things without resorting to blind belief, then things would be in a much more healthy state.

It is the requirement for blind faith and blind belief that have characterised organised religion which have been responsible for all this thinking about the lack of logic in religious or spiritual science. The demand for blind faith was to cover their own lack of knowledge and therefore quash any reasonable and intelligent questions from the very outset. This suited the leaders of these religions but did a great disservice to mankind as a whole because it removed the desire for knowledge and turned the majority of mankind into dull people. This was never stipulated by God but by those who appointed themselves leaders.

Let it therefore be said that in our minds we must let it come to life that God and organised religion are not one and the same thing. Let it also be said that nothing is more logical than what God has created, whether it be man, beast, nature or the knowledge of His Laws which have hitherto not been clearly explained and as such have not really until now penetrated fully to mankind’s consciousness.

The knowledge of His Laws is His Word which at that time came in undimmed form in the Word of Jesus of Nazareth but which we as human beings have done our best to rob of Its vitality and vigour and Its magnetic attraction so that now almost nothing is left of what the Master taught us.

He who has been allowed to come to know of the knowledge of the Laws of God knows of the strict logic and consistency and the freedom that at last true knowledge brings. He in full consciousness appreciates what in reality in meant by the words “God is great”.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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