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The over-reliance on the brain: the great offence of this mankind

The reading of the book “In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin is essential for an understanding of this topic. What is said here is only an introduction as this subject matter is fully discussed in that book.

Also refer to the article “What is the intellect?” for a better understanding of the work of the intellect.

Mankind’s greatest sin is elevating a tool which is the intellect to a position of prominence so that now it has become his master.

The human being is spiritual and consequently it is his spirit that should lead in everything that he does. He is a spiritual being who originated in a spiritual realm. Therefore his essence or his being is spiritual.

That essence is his real self. His real self which is spiritual should be the decision maker in all aspects of his life. We should only be able to talk about spiritual things on earth in all things because that is what man is.

At some point in his evolution the human being, or mankind as a species collectively made a decision to allow a tool, which is the intellect, a product of his frontal brain to usurp the work that should have been done by the spirit.

The decisions that should have been made by the spirit are now made by the brain – intellect. We gradually ceded all our decision making abilities in all matters to the intellect so much so that in most cases and in most people the voice of the spirit can no longer be heard.

This collective decision as a species, gradually over thousands of years led to a situation where we have now lost the ability to perceive spiritually because we have not practised this ability.

The ability of spiritual perception has been lost because we lack practice and have only used the intellect to perceive things. This over-reliance on the intellect led to a gradual enlargement of the frontal brain as a result of this excessive activity, through physical evolution.

We now came to use the brain – intellect for everything, even when it comes to human (social and psychic) matters where the intellect is clearly in the wrong place. Because of the lack of spiritual perception we have finally reached a situation as a species where we no longer have understanding of anything of spiritual nature.

That is the evolutionary change we human beings have brought about and which has put us at a massive disadvantage, leading to chaos because the intellect is not up to the task that has been assigned to it.

This change is of such a horrible nature that it is actually fatal to the spirit. Every human being then must come to this realisation and begin to try to understand what has happened here and begin to strive to awaken the spirit within himself and bring it back to life otherwise we run the risk of forfeiting the gift of life that is within us.

Let us make haste for time is far too gone.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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