The Intellect

What is the intellect?

A fuller and the most accurate description of the intellect is to be found in the book: “In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin. Readers and seekers are strongly encouraged to read this book. It suffices to say here that the intellect refers to the activity of the frontal part of the brain.

The frontal part of the brain is the seat of the intellect and its full activity activates and brings into being the intellect. The intellect itself is a good thing and was given to us by the Creator for a fuller earthly experience and understanding which is useful for the full development of the spirit while it is here on earth.

It is the over-development of the intellect that is the issue. The intellect is a tool of the spirit which the human spirit is meant to use for its own benefit and advancement.

If, however, this tool is valued too highly and allowed to go beyond the place appointed to it by nature and by the ordinances of God, then that is something unsound and unnatural which must bring disease and unhealthiness into the whole picture and the whole of life experience on this earth.

The intellect, which is located in the frontal brain was given to us human beings on earth to act as a counter-balance so that we human beings are also firmly anchored on earth, in reality, while at the same time also living a full spiritual life.

The purpose of the intellect therefore, among other things is to allow us to remember that we also have earthly duties while living a full spiritual life on earth. It allows for the carrying of spiritual volition into the earthly. Through its activity it is meant to receive from the spirit and carry out the will of the spirit on earth.

That way spiritual works become visible on earth in a tangible form. We transmit what we human beings receive from the spiritual and ethereal heights and make it a reality on earth.

A blossoming the likes of which has never been seen would have been the result, leading to joy, peace and happiness for all mankind because a refection of the spiritual and ethereal heights would have been built here on earth.

A wonderful blossoming, a delight and a joy and pure blissful life. That then is the purpose of the intellect if rightly developed and used.

Unfortunately, however, we human beings as a species made a collective decision to rely solely on this intellect for everything. We refused to receive from the spiritual, allowing the intellect to make all the decisions. This eliminated all spiritual activity for this mankind so much so that we became merely intellectual human beings, instead of being real human beings.

This collective decision and action of the human spirits is against the ordinances of the Almighty, being unnatural. The blueprint developed by God for the development and advancemant of human beinbgs was derailed, resulting in the chaos that we see before us today. We are then no longer the human beings that God wanted us to be. He wanted us to be real spiritual human beings who lived in both the spiritual and the earthly, instead of what we have become. We now live only an exclusively earthly life since our subjection to the intellect has closed us off completely to spiritual life and spiritual knowledge.

At some point this error must be brought to an end so much so that a world judgment becomes inevitable so that human beings are returned to what we were meant to become – spiritually complete human beings who are fully aware of the Laws of God and who strive to uphold these Laws.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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