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Wrong concepts about God – God can change His Laws at will since everything is possible with Him

We hear it said everywhere that with God everything is possible. With this saying in reality quite a different thing is meant than can ever be envisaged by any human being. What we as human beings mean by this saying is completely different to reality and once again stems from ignorance about the Laws of God.

When we make this statement we often mean that God can accomplish arbitrary things that go against His own Laws as for example turning water to wine or God being able to make it so that we would reap rye where oats were sown and so on and so forth.

We expect and demand the impossible from God and in this we acknowledge His greatness and if these things do not happen we dispense with Him forthwith. We expect Him to be able to make the sun rise from the west and so on and in short achieve what is unnatural.

What we forget is that from the very beginning of Creation God has put His Laws into everything and these Laws are perfect from the very beginning. Being perfect they do not require changing. God does not need to interfere in anything once He has given His perfect Laws in Creation. Why change what is already perfect? There is nothing wrong with the Laws. There is nothing faulty in perfection.

 Since these natural Laws have been perfect from the beginning there has never been any need for God to interfere; there is nothing to correct and amend. The perfect Laws take care of everything and there has never been any need to intervene in the course of their activities.

Therefore within Creation God does not interfere with the natural Laws because these being perfect do not need any adjustments or fine-tuning. If nature has dictated that something will continue to happen in a particular way then that is how it will continue to happen. As for example if God has dictated through His perfect natural Laws that for every single human being or person to be born on earth a union of a man and a woman was necessary then there would have been no need for a change in that Law under any circumstances and there can never be any exceptions.

The opinions of men make no difference here. It is indeed ironic that we dare to give opinions on matters that we know absolutely nothing about. God does not change His Laws depending on the situation and as such could not have made an exception for the birth of His Son Jesus. Jesus was born naturally. Through the personal cult which followed His transition, less has been made of this stupendous and wonderful happening through the personal opinions of those who became custodians of the religion.

We should begin to think of our God in a more natural way and this is the key to a healthy, joyful and natural existence.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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