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Did God create us faulty?

Many of us have often made the statement to the effect that, “If I am not perfect, then the Almighty must have created me faulty.” This statement shows that at least we are beginning to ask the great questions and think about the most important issues of life.

Man was not created faulty. In fact his core, the spirit is always pure but it is man who has made himself faulty. Man was meant to use the gift of the free will to make himself perfect but this he did not do, and he now blames God for this.

Man was given abilities in undeveloped form but note that these abilities were pure, they were not faulty. Man was created as a seed of spiritual substance with pure inner qualities. He was meant to germinate in the soil of the World of Matter, develop and grow strong in the use of these abilities just like with the material seeds of this earth until he becomes a perfect spiritual tree.

It was a straight road that God had mapped out for him, for his perfection. He, however, did not take this road but decided for another road because he thought that he knew everything better.

The processes that were to aid him in his transition to perfection are perfect and if he had followed this road, then he also would have been perfect because nothing else could have resulted from his adherence to the Laws that were to help him.

Foremost among the aids that he was given was that of the free will. This gift was given to him so that he would attract homogenous powers to himself for the support of the slumbering abilities that he has within himself.

He, however, failed to use this free will for its real purpose. Instead, he introduced in its place his own self-will which chose for the darkness. His self-will turned away from the pure perfect ways of God that was to lead him into perfection to what unfortunately he has become today.

There it can be seen that it is solely man’s fault if today he finds himself imperfect and he should never try to blame God for this. God had always given him aids and over millennia had tried in so many ways to induce him to turn back from his self-chosen path. He never listened, however. It is therefore doubly blasphemous if he turns around today and tries to blame the Creator Who had always extended the helping Hand of Love.

We should therefore realise this in time and make haste so that we can make the effort to make up for lost time and opportunity which even today still lies knocking at man’s door. Instead of taking up these aids which are ever present, he ignores them and continues in his old ways. Is it then surprising that in the final reckoning he faces the disintegration of his spirit?

Unless he changes himself and does what he should have done at the beginning, the spirit that he should have developed to perfection rises up in the Judgment to accuse him. The spirit which he has kept imprisoned for millennia burns accusingly through all the layers of his material garments and he will then cease to be. This is then the second death. The eternal disintegration of the personality that he never allowed to develop to perfection in the Laws of God.

We should see to it that we wake up from this terrible dream world that we have built around ourselves thinking that man’s will and ideas are supreme and decisive in the entire Creation. Only the Will of God is decisive in anything, but man’s intellectual arrogance has allowed him for millennia to delude himself that he is the centre of all things and this will be his downfall.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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