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Did God create evil?

This must be answered with an emphatic no. All the evil we find on earth today was created by man and fostered by him. The Almighty God has nothing to do with evil! It is the wrong use of the free will and the complete lack of understanding of what free will is that has led mankind to the present state of utter disaster.

Lucifer is the origin of the wrong principle which he introduced after he had been sent into the material world to further the development of man according the Will of God. He, however, introduced his own ways which were contrary to what God wanted. All mankind needed to do was to listen to their own intuitions and the warnings from the spiritual guides as to the right way and all would have been well.

However, the vast majority of us preferred the way of Lucifer which brought darkness and suffering. We used our free wills to choose his ways which led away from God. The way of Lucifer was that of self-glorification and intellectual sophistry, contrary to that of the spirit which places intuition over intellect.

The intellect therefore came to dominate and its domination drew us away from God because the dominating intellect is unable to understand God and spirituality. We could therefore only turn our minds to earthly things because the intellect being earthbound is incapable of anything else. The true understanding of God and His Laws therefore lagged.

This condition opened the floodgates to all evil. Since we no longer understood God and His Laws, all our actions became contrary to His Will. All admonitions from prophets failed. We insisted on this path in spite of all warnings, ultimately sealing our enmity with the crucifixion of the Son of God.

The domination of the intellect which we had decided for led to all evils, including oppression, greed, acquisitiveness, avarice, murder etc. Since we knew nothing about the Laws of God, we sought to introduce the laws of man and behave as we saw fit. We saw ourselves as gods and world rulers, world conquerors.

The wrong use of the free will of man then is what is to be considered accountable for all the evils on earth. It should therefore not be a surprise if at some point the Almighty God calls a halt to all this vaingloriousness, arrogance and conceit and returns to us the consequences of all the evils that we have all created in our thoughts, words and deeds.

A World Judgment then becomes inevitable in order for the Creator to claim this earth back for Himself for the sake of the very few who in spite of all the wrong surrounding them still long for Him.

It will then be a question of the elimination of all evil from this earth. All evil thoughts and deeds and those of us human beings who have been the constant producers and supporters of such thoughts and deeds must now be eliminated in order for peace to reign once more.

Let us see to it that we work on ourselves to eliminate all the evil in our thoughts, words and deeds.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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