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Does God tempt people?

This must be answered with an emphatic no. God does not tempt anyone. It is even sacrilegious to think this way. To think that the great Creator would tempt human beings? Temptation comes only from Lucifer and his servants and this they do all the time.

It is the faults that we carry within us that leave us open to attacks from the darkness. These attacks take the form of temptations and they are a grave danger indeed as more often than not we succumb to these inducements. We yield to our weaknesses. What we like to call “trials and tribulations” are not what we think they are at all. God tries no one. These so-called trials are in some cases reactions to some former actions that we took and which we must pay for in this way. Once we recognise them for what they are, then they are truly easy to overcome.

What causes the suffering in these so-called trials is the resistance of the human spirit to these experiences and the mutual recriminations that follow this. These recriminations and the blaming of others for our bad experiences not only intensifies the pressure and the weight of the experiences, it will not lead to redemption from the particular debt which this experience was meant to lead to in the first place.

In some other cases, these so-called trials are nothing but aids that the Light brings across the paths of some individuals in order to strengthen them and prepare them for some future activity. Whatever the case it is help and freedom and strength for all those concerned.

Because we have had no idea until now of the true activity of God in this Creation, we have ignorantly made all sorts of assumptions and assumed that we small human beings could be put to trials and temptations by the great Creator.

We will soon discover that once we do away with all our faults and begin to look upwards only to the Light for strength, it becomes impossible really for the darkness to approach, let alone tempt. Even if it happens that we are tempted, the strength of the connection we have to the Luminous Heights make a fall utterly out of the question. So it lies entirely in our hands. The fervour with which we look upwards to the Light will determine the level of protection that we enjoy.

This is rather a sobering thought especially now that spiritual indolence reigns supreme. We find it very difficult to bring forth the necessary volition, and to make matters worse the absolute proliferation of distractions for the human spirit, which stimulates the intellect into activity ever more, allowing us to waste time and energy in pursuits that are not of the least benefit to true spiritual upward striving.

We thereby waste our earth lives in pursuits dictated by the intellect, which intellect we can never take across with us into those realms which we needed absolutely to have prepared for. So we arrive in the world beyond as paupers and sick souls.

Let us hammer it into ourselves that our earth lives are temporary but the consequences of living wrongly are disastrous and long-lasting. Let us begin to pay more attention to what will continue to benefit us for all eternity, which is spiritual activity. Let us make the greatest efforts to do away with all our faults, then we will not have to speak anymore of trials and tribulations or even temptations but we will be seized with the most eager desire to work. Work for the Creator, He Who has made all this possible.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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