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Is injustice possible with God?

This must be answered with a definite no. We hear a lot these days about “how is this or that possible if there is a God?” And “why did God allow this or that to happen?” And so on and so forth. It is really unfortunate that some of us try to blame the Creator for all our problems and shortcomings without asking whether it is actually possible that we are the ones responsible for all these problems.

The solution to this riddle or this question requires that we understand who and what we are and how we stand in relation to this Creation and the Creator. We must also come to realise that we are creatures with free will, and thus full responsibility for all our actions. If we accept the idea that as human beings we have the free will to decide then we must also realise and come to accept that this free will comes with full responsibility for all the actions that we take.

That then being the case, we must also come to the conclusion that whatever happens to us here must have arisen as a consequence of some action previously taken by us. Therefore all consequences, no matter how horrific and terrible must have arisen through the use of our free will in one decision or the other. 

If we have the courage to accept this, it then begs the question as to how we bring God into all this. Why do we involve Him in matters that He had nothing to do with? Why do we blame Him for things He did not do and had nothing to do with and as such not responsible for?

One of the greatest handicaps we have is that we have all been conditioned to think and consider only this earth-life as being the only one we have ever lived. This is actually the crux of the matter. If we could come to an understanding of the fact that we all have several earth-lives behind us then much which still remains a mystery will no longer be so. We will come to realise that in our previous earth-lives we also made decisions the consequences of which only return to us now in this earth-life.

This knowledge of previous earth-lives is one of the critical rungs missing in our ladder of spiritual ascent without which it is impossible to go forward. We all feel this intuitively but because of the way we have been conditioned from childhood it is actually difficult to accept this knowledge, though it completes the answers to so many questions and clears up many hitherto unsolved riddles about our personal lives.

If we continue to refuse to acknowledge this fact then it will indeed be impossible to explain all the events in our lives and we will still continue to blame the Creator for the consequences of our own actions.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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