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Wrong conceptions about God – God is vengeful as portrayed in some books of the Old Testament

In the minds of some people God is vengeful and spiteful and seemingly out of control. When people are struck by some evil it seems to be out of proportion and the sufferings that some of us have witnessed and experienced are apparently excessive and extreme.

This thinking has also stemmed from our lack of knowledge about God and His Creation. This glaring lack of knowledge is what has allowed all kinds of suppositions about God which are furthest from the truth. It even leads to some indefinable fear but in some cases unbelief and a loss of faith because according to such people there cannot be a God if He allows this or that to happen.

God is not vengeful. From the beginning He has placed His Laws into Creation. These Laws guide the order and Creation came into being as a result of the activity of these Laws. If then there are issues and problems in our lives and suffering and tribulation in our experiences is it not better to begin to ask ourselves whether our conceptions about God are actually wrong?

Is it not better to begin to ask whether all this suffering could have been the result of our own fault and our own way of living? If we flout an earthly law we all know that there would be consequences, either jail time or even in some cases the death penalty. If that then is the case with our earthly laws why should it be any different with the Divine Laws?

If we flout the Divine Laws there must also be consequences which we must accept and live through without any exception. If we act in a way contrary to Divine ordinance then the Divine Laws must exact punishment for the way we have acted. Where we go wrong is our thinking and supposition that at least we know the earthly laws and that we also know when we flout them and we were just hoping that we would not be caught.

Well, we could also know the Divine Laws and as such learn to follow them. God had always sent teachers to teach us what the Divine Laws were but we have never listened. All the prophets that have been sent to teach us have been persecuted and mankind has never yet accepted a true prophet of God into its midst.

This is then the reason why there is widespread ignorance about the Laws of God. Every single race has had its opportunity to learn about the Laws of God and adjust. Adjustment would have meant adhering to these Laws and living accordingly, to the ordinance of God. Nothing but peace and joy would have resulted from this. Therefore this excuse that we do not know the Divine Laws does not hold.

The other aspect of our limitation lies in the fact that we consider that we live only once. Hence there are two issues here: firstly our ignorance of the Divine Laws and secondly the reality of reincarnation. The ignorance about reincarnation is one of the most important stumbling blocks for many people. If we are witnessing tribulation and suffering then there must be a reason for it which is often not apparent to most people because we cannot find the reason for it in this present earth life. 

This is the reason why many people have resorted to declaring that God must be unjust if He allows such suffering to happen. All suffering and tribulation have a beginning otherwise we would be regarding God as not just being unjust but also imperfect. Then all will crumble because nothing would make any sense.

Whatever happens to us originates often in a previous earthlife which we no longer remember or even consider but that is the reality which can never change. The knowledge of reincarnation completes the answer to this riddle and puts the responsibility squarely back in man’s hands whereby he is responsible for all his actions and the consequences. He cannot blame God for this.

The knowledge of previous earth-lives is the key to so many things and it makes sense. What wrong we have done in our previous earth-lives we have to pay for in this earth life. The adherence to the Laws of God and the knowledge of these Laws becomes ever more important whereby we change our lives through this knowledge of the Laws and begin to adjust ourselves.

In this way karma loses its terror because through our adjusting to the Laws of God we so improve ourselves spiritually that we will be hit less and less by evil consequences until we reach a stage where we attract only good consequences because our attitudes have been transformed through our knowledge that good thoughts, words and deeds only attract what is good. 

We would have reached a stage where we do not consider God as vengeful but as beneficent and a preserver of life.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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