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The Perfect Nature of God

It is true that many religions teach that God is perfect but there are also other tenets in these same religions which deny this same perfection. This indeed is the contradiction that is to be found in virtually all religions. It leads one to conclude that these religions do not know the meaning of perfection at all, otherwise their tenets would not contain these contradictions.

When we say that God is Perfect it means that not only is He in His Nature Perfect but all that emanates from Him. Therefore, logically speaking all the Laws of Creation which issue from Him must be regarded as perfect. He, being Perfect from the beginning means that all that issues from Him including the Laws of Nature that guide the order of Creation are perfect and immutable. Immutability means an impossibility of a change both in the Nature of God and in His Laws.

What this means is that the processes in Creation are immutable! The way the Laws work are immutable hence cannot change since these processes are perfect as they issue from God Who is Himself Perfect. Hence the Laws of Nature are perfect!

Therefore it is impossible to reap rice where wheat was sown and so on and so forth. There is something fundamental in this that we never really pay close attention to the perfection that lies in it. Hence a grain of oats will never yield anything else than oats.

Now this Perfection of God and also of His Laws are to be found in all things both seen and unseen hence also in our religious and spiritual experiences so much so that all arbitrary actions hitherto attributed to God must be seen as nothing but things arising from the imaginations of men. Hence we find the resurrection of the physical body of Christ and its consequent ascension to Heaven. We also find illogical things as the giving back of physical bodies to those who have already died during the Judgement and the cries of “…Come down from the cross if thou be the Son of God…” or things like the death of Jesus being the atonement for the sins of mankind, or the turning of stones into bread, or of water into wine and so on and so forth.

All the things mentioned above are nothing but fictions devised by man which in reality belittle the greatness of God and His Laws. These Laws, for example cannot change themselves to accommodate a particular event, they will not change themselves so that Jesus the Son of God Who is the epitome of these Divine Laws themselves would be able to ascend in His physical body to Heaven. This would be tantamount to breaking the Laws of His Father which He would never do since He said that He had not come to overthrow the Laws.

The Laws being perfect and immutable would not make an exception and change themselves so that Jesus the Son of God would descend from a physical cross without extraneous help, or change themselves so that this death would now be the atonement for mankind’s sins since He had already said that “…whatever a man sows that shall he reap…” These Laws would not make an exception for Jesus the Son of God so that now He would be turning stones into bread and so on.

Taking this further these Laws would not make an exception so that Jesus would be born into this earth without the union of a man and a woman. This is simply impossible! If the Laws of God which are perfect and immutable have dictated that the coming of any person to this earth must be through the union of a man and a woman whereby the person given birth to would have to be born like every other person and undergo birth, childhood and adolescence and so on then these Laws would not have made an exception for Jesus of Nazareth. It is simply impossible for the immutable Laws of God to change since they are perfect and perfection means an impossibility of diversion or change.

Indeed Jesus went through all the afore-mentioned processes but for His birth according to popular accounts. Why is that? There was absolutely no need for His birth to be any different than any other person. Because the founders of the religion thought that to be born of a union of a man and a woman was sinful hence the assertion of His birth as described in conventional religion. This is, however, their own invention. Birth through the union of a man and a woman is not sinful but a natural process indeed as dictated by the Laws of Nature. If it is the opinion of the founders of the religion that birth through the union of a man and woman is sinful it must be stressed that they are only expressing their own opinion and not the true knowledge of the Laws of God in Creation.

There is only one road in Creation: the road of the Perfection of God. All else is false and artificially created by man because he wanted to create a personal cult around the Saviour instead of being objective which brings greater glory to God instead of the present day tenets which deny the Perfection of God and as such does immense damage to serious seekers.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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