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Unable to give God the honour

Ever since the life of Jesus of Nazareth, His Words have been used by men for purposes often contrary to what He Himself wanted. In the first place a religion was formed which was never the intention of Jesus and then this religion, as well-documented in history was responsible for some of the most brutal cruelties ever known.

So the Word of Jesus has been exploited only for earthly purposes whereby those who had arrogated positions of power for themselves used it to maintain themselves on their seats, threatening whoever opposed them with violence and death. A doctrine then emerged where the contents were entirely contrary to the true principles of Christ because these leaders having once followed the wrong road sought by all means to maintain this road because it was the only way to remain in power.

To make any necessary changes to the doctrine would have meant acknowledging that there were errors in the first place and this is what most people are unable to do. We would rather leave things as they are, in the wrong state, instead of being brave enough to make the changes which would set everyone free. It is doubtful if there was any man courageous and upstanding enough to admit to this.

The doctrine of Christianity therefore has evolved into a doctrine where the greatness of God and respect for Him were never taught but instead what we have is the greatness of man. Everything came to centre on man because we thought that if Jesus could die for us we must be so important, and even the most important creature, and that the whole of Creation probably revolved around us.

The acknowledgement of the supremacy of man is then what we have today, compounded by the fact of our intellectual sagacity and the so-called discoveries and technological improvements that we think we have made. The core of today’s religious doctrine centres on the importance and the supremacy of man and whoever comes to say anything against this and tries to put things in their proper order would be attacked, slandered and attempts would be made to discredit him.

Whoever comes to put the greatness of God and His Perfection as foremost and try and cede the sceptre from man and put it back in God’s Hands would soon find out how difficult his task must be. It is in this that we must change. Man indeed must come to know himself as nothing but one of the other creatures and in fact a very low one at that.

If man was so great then why are our societies not characterised by high mindedness, objectivity and nobleness? There is absolutely nothing to be lauded about mankind of today if one were to consider everything from an objective standpoint.

We should give God the honour in everything and stop talking about ourselves and our achievements. We have not actually achieved anything compared to those who came before us thousands of years ago when we were still spiritual in everything we did. Strange as that may sound, that is the reality.

Man must come to know that he is really a nothing in the vastness of the entire Creation and that if we were all wiped out Creation would still continue in its inviolable march of development. We are not indispensable and cannot claim an absolute right of entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.

We must see to it that we actually worship God instead of ourselves. What will open our eyes is the knowledge of the structure of Creation and its laws. Once we come to know Creation and our place in it, then out of shame we would quietly bow down before the Sublimity of God and adjust ourselves to His Laws.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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