Aspects of Christian Doctrine


Aspects of Christian Doctrine: Jesus is the only way to God the Father

It is important to understand this concept so that the Word of Jesus would not be debased and narrowed down through wrong interpretations and assumptions. Jesus, being the Son of God brought the living Word to mankind. He brought the real Truth in its real sense. Since He was the Son of God He was the only one really capable of revealing this Truth since He derived His own origin from It.

Therefore Jesus Himself was right in saying that He is the only way to the Father. The Truth which He represented and which He brought is this only way to the Father. Jesus embodied the Word and the Truth and as such He is this Word and this Truth, so much so that this Word and this Truth is the only way to the Father and the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words His Teaching is the only way to God and His Kingdom. Whoever follows this Word and this Teaching and acts accordingly will find his way to the Father.

Now all this only relates to Jesus Christ Himself and His pure Teaching and Word and not to the Christian religion. So whoever follows the Word of Jesus whether he be a Christian or not will also find his way to the Father. Whoever lives his life in a way that accords completely with the Teachings of Jesus in the love he has for his neighbour and the help he gives to his neighbour and the honesty and morality he lends to his life often lives in complete accord with the Words of Jesus and as such, such a person no matter to what religion he belongs will also find his way to the Father because he lives his life in complete accord with the Truth that Jesus has brought.

So we see that it is actually the Word of Jesus that matters and not the religion as such because Jesus came for all mankind and the Truth He brought will often be found in other religions. The truth contained in other religions will accord with the Word of Jesus. So whoever lives in accordance with the real truth of his religion will often live in complete accord with the Word of Jesus and will find his way.

So we should beware of attaching a narrow meaning to the great Words of Jesus Christ Who always spoke in a comprehensive way that embraces all mankind. It is important to separate the Word of Jesus Himself from the religion which has purportedly been based on Him as what we will find is the narrowing down of the Word of Jesus to suit this or that purpose.

So not only members of the Christian religion but all mankind who can believe in the truth of their own religions and follow it have an opportunity to find their way to God because in the final end they will meet the Christ-Spirit which will guide us all onto eternal Truth. In this matter it is deeds that matter and the story of the Good Samaritan should teach us the best lesson in this regard.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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