The Holy Grail


The Holy Spear Two

This realm therefore, became depleted and as a result weakened. He had used the power given by God to do this. This continual outflow of human spirits symbolically speaking is like the continuous draining of a wound that would not close. The continual haemorrhaging of human spirits from the spiritual realm. A huge gap that indeed will never close until his principles were no longer applied. This will now allow those human spirits trapped in material creation to now find their way back into the spiritual realm thereby automatically closing the wound. The same power, which was used to inflict the wound must also be the power that would heal it. With Lucifer, the Power of God thereby came to lie in the wrong hands. This Power therefore must be wrested from him and then lying in the right hands can then be used to heal the realm of the spirit.

The Spear in Klingsor’s hands therefore, came to symbolise the Spear in Lucifer’s hands. The symbol of the Power of God, which Lucifer received is therefore, the Holy Spear which he used symbolically speaking to inflict a wound that would not heal on the sphere of the Spirit. Parsifal wresting the Spear from Klingsor and redeeming the brotherhood is therefore, symbolically speaking Parsifal wresting the Spear from Lucifer and using the Power that lies in it to heal the sphere of the spirit and as a result redeem the whole world.

With His experiences and the Power that lies in the Spear, Parsifal would now use the principle of supporting love to help mankind in His Word. Through the use of this new Grail principle, the wound inflicted by Lucifer on the spiritual sphere will close because human beings would no longer be entangled in the material world but will now be able to find their way back home, to Paradise, the spiritual realm. The same spear therefore, that inflicted the wound will be the same that will heal it as indicated in the legends. The confrontation between Parsifal and Klingsor represents the face to face battle between Parsifal and Lucifer with the eventual regain of the Holy Spear.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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