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Canonising a soul

Canonising a soul means declaring a human being to be a saint and to be pure, without blemish. Such a human soul therefore is regarded as having no sin after such a declaration. There are two issues here. The first is whether actually the soul concerned is canonised by such actions and secondly whether those who make such declarations are actually competent to do so.

Only God can declare somebody canonised because it lies in the Laws of His Creation. To be actually canonised according to the Laws of this Creation means to have had to pass through all the mills of Creation, gaining experience and purifying oneself as one rises upwards towards the Luminous Heights. The efforts of the soul concerned to bring purity to his thoughts, words and deeds automatically through the Laws of Creation so purify him that he actually becomes a Saint, a pure human spirit without any blemish.

To become a Saint therefore and to become canonised rests solely in the efforts of each human spirit to improve himself and purify himself. If he continually does this then there comes a point when he is so pure that he is able to return to Paradise again as a completely pure human spirit. That is when he may be called a Saint because through his own efforts to ascend he has had to learn all the Laws of Creation and has had to experience the whole of Creation, knowing all Its Laws and has used the knowledge of these Laws to purify his spirit body and as such enter Paradise.

Then and only then can he be called a Saint. It is entirely through the efforts of the human spirit concerned. We can see that this process completely excludes any outsiders. It is not possible for anyone else to declare another person a Saint because this does not lie in what happens in Creation naturally. There is no possibility for it. One may admire the pure works of others but this does not give us the right to call that person a Saint or declare him a Saint because this lies only in the working of the Creation of God through the Laws that He has put in it which see everything and know the exact condition of each soul.

It is therefore presumptuous on the part of religious organisations to usurp what lies only in the working of Creation and arrogate powers to themselves. Any outsider, no matter how competent he thinks he may be is still not competent enough to do this. In fact if he knew the Laws of this Creation he would desist from it. It is ignorance that makes such absurdities possible in the first place. Once the Laws of Creation become common knowledge, this practice will fall away on its own accord.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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