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Did the death of Jesus automatically remove hereditary sin?

This must be answered with an emphatic no. The death of Jesus did not eliminate hereditary sin contrary to current opinion. The widespread ignorance as to what hereditary sin really is has led to the acceptance of this erroneous view. Two questions therefore must be asked: What is hereditary sin? And then what is the true Mission of Jesus, the Son of God?

It is difficult to accept the concept of the inheritance of real sin from a putative physical Adam. Thinking this through logically casts doubt on the Justice and Perfection of God, which are inviolable attributes of Him. If we acknowledge that God is perfect and just, as indeed we must if we want to progress further in our knowledge, then we must reject any idea that in the first place, the inheritance of sin is possible, and then secondly the idea that the death of Jesus can eliminate a sin, which never existed in the way we have imagined it.

For an explanation on hereditary sin please see the article “Is hereditary sin eliminable?” Our aim today is to state that the death of Jesus did not automatically eliminate hereditary sin. It is the true Mission of Jesus which is capable of eliminating this sin. The death of Jesus was nothing but the consequence of the hostility of mankind, who once again chose to serve the darkness by acting as executioners of the Word of God as embodied in Jesus.

This death, which became necessary to preserve the Word of God as brought by Jesus for posterity stands entirely on its own merits and is one of the greatest sacrifices ever made. We, therefore must separate this death from His true Mission. In other words, the true Mission of Jesus, the Son of God did not lie in His death. 

His Mission laid solely in bringing the Word of God to mankind, so that on hearing It, we can then follow as directed. It is the adherence to this Word that matters.

Hereditary sin was the consequence of the straying away from the ordinance of God. This ordinance placed the intuitive perception as the driving force of all life. Mankind, however, reversed this and placed the intellect instead above the intuition.

This reversal led us away from God because through the subjection of our wills to the intellect, we could no longer understand God and His Will. The intellect, being derived from the earth is incapable of understanding things that go beyond its origin. Hence spirituality and all that is connected with this, including God can never be grasped by those who subject themselves to this tool. 

This condition was leading to disaster and inevitably would have led to the spiritual death of the majority of mankind, since through the cycle of the Laws of Creation, there would have come a time when it would have been too late to turn back towards the Light. Turning back towards the Light, however, requires the use of the intuitive perception.

In order therefore to arrest the utter fall of mankind into spiritual destruction, which inevitably would have been the case, Jesus as an act of emergency came to give the Word. This Word was to show us the way out of of the terrible spiritual bondage we found ourselves in. Deliverance then laid only in the adherence to this Word.

The distorted brain which arose as a result of this disturbance in the ordinance of God would then gradually be eliminated because the intuitive perception of the spirit and the physical counterpart to this, the cerebellum would grow strong. This then automatically eliminates hereditary sin. Elimination of hereditary sin therefore laid only in the adherence to the Word of God which liberates the spirit, strengthening the intuition and the cerebellum as a matter of course.

The tendency to fall into sin, which the brain as it stands at the moment conditions can only be corrected through the absolute adherence to the Word of God. As mentioned above, this sets free the intuition and automatically prevents us from falling into sin. The intuition is connected to the spirit and is able to draw from it. In this way, it will always do the right thing as dictated through the Laws of God.

It is absolutely impossible for the intuition to err and as such it is impossible for it to fall into sin. It therefore follows that if we allow our lives to be guided by intuition rather than the intellect, we will then become invulnerable to sin. The Word of God through Jesus was therefore calculated just for this: the liberation of the spirit of every human being. Through this, not only will the past distortion of the brain be corrected, also in the future it will become impossible to fall into sin again.

All this as we can see has nothing to do with His death. He was simply a victim of envy by those who feared that He was taking the masses away from them. They felt that through His Teaching, they were beginning to lose influence among the people and if He continued any longer, they would soon be completely eliminated. 

However, instead of explaining this to the people and making all this clear, the subsequent religion only took the road previously followed by its Jewish predecessor. Instead of setting each individual free by telling him to be ruled by conscience, they also feared that if they did this, man would be too independent and would soon not need any religious leaders. This fear once again reared its head and led to the dimming of all knowledge that was meant to set mankind free.

Again a religion was formed whose sole aim became its preservation at all costs, even suppressing the Truth where this was found to be in conflict with its stated aims. The explanation of the death of Jesus in the way it is explained on all sides today was needed for the formation and success of this religion. It did not matter whether it was true or not. It simply served as a scaffolding on which they could hold so much control and power over people.

Everything now turned to the personality of Jesus instead of His Word. This was the greatest mistake. A personality cult was thus created and His Word was forgotten. That very Word that was to lead to true liberation suddenly no longer mattered. Instead, His earthly life and death were put in a context which was out of place because the majority of mankind did not even understand His earthly life, or the true reason for His death.

Therefore, it is not the death of Jesus which can eliminate hereditary sin. His death, however, allowed us to have His Word preserved for posterity for us to adhere to. It is the adherence to this Word that will eliminate hereditary sin. Jesus was killed because He stood His grounds on the assertion that He was the Son of God and that every single Word that He had uttered was true. If the consequence of speaking the truth was to be sentenced to death, then so be it! He would rather die for His convictions than to live a life which was false and against the Will of His Father.

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