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Is Mary the mother of God?

One of the main tenets of the Catholic tradition is the belief that Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus is at the same time the mother of God. This is actually the basis for mariolatry which is nothing more than the worship of Mary being carried out by devout Catholics.

Since Jesus was considered to be God, then it stands to reason also that His earthly mother would also be regarded as His Divine mother and so on and so forth. This has all stemmed from a lack of understanding of how Creation works and how things really stand.

How our religious leaders arrived at this conclusion testifies to the fact that we view all matters, even spiritual ones only from the earthly point of view and from an earthly standpoint. We have become unable to assess spiritual matters with our spirits and from a spiritual standpoint. This is the only reason why we could have arrived at this conclusion that Mary, being the earthly mother of Jesus was also at the same time His Divine mother.

We use only our intellects, which is a product of our earthbound brains to assess a matter that goes beyond the ambit and ability of this intellect. The mystery of the Birth of the Son of God surely is something that goes beyond the ability of an earthbound intellect to grasp. Why then do we continue to insist on using this tool which is clearly in the wrong place in this matter? It is then bound to always arrive at the wrong conclusions where spiritual matters are being considered.

Just because we use our intellects for everything, we have now come to assume that the earthly body of Jesus is also at the same time His Divine Essence hence God Himself and since Mary gave birth to this physical body, then logically speaking according to the logic of the intellect, she must also at the same time be the mother of God.

The earthly body of Jesus Christ is nothing more than a physical body while the essence of Jesus which is His Divine nature only occupied this physical body for the time that He was on earth and nothing more. His Divine Core or Essence simply used the physical body like a tool and again dropped this physical body at His earthly death.

Therefore the earthly physical body of Jesus must not be confused with His inner core, His Essence which is God’s. This physical body must not be regarded as Divine or God but just another physical body. So Mary only provided a physical body that Jesus could use for His sojourn on earth, nothing more. So Mary must be regarded as the earthly mother of Jesus and nothing more. She is not the mother of Jesus’ Divine Essence. If she was the mother of Jesus’ Divine Essence then the term “mother of God” would be appropriate but that is not the case.

Even with human beings the process is the same. We only receive our physical bodies from our parents but our essence which is of spirit comes from God. So we have earthly parents but ultimately we are creatures of God and that is all that matters. Our parents are parents to our earthly bodies but we are independent human spirits and as soon as we reach a certain age this individuality asserts itself naturally.

Again in conclusion, the reason for the confusion of Jesus’ Divine Nature and Essence with His physical body is simply mankind’s utter subjection to the intellect. It is incontrovertible proof that as human beings we have become unable to use our spirits in the way it should be used. We should long ago have been able to separate the physical body from the essence which is the core, the spirit and as such be able to properly grasp all the various layers of this Creation lying side by side. In that way there would have been no room for confusion.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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